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The Other Woman Quotes

  • Emilia: She's gone. I know the difference between here and gone.

  • Carolyn: This is all your fault. You just won't be happy until you ruin everything. I don't know what the hell happened to make you so destructive.

  • Jack: The days william was born and Isabel was born were the happiest of my life.

  • William: Did you know that Isabel was never really a person?...In Jewish law, it says a baby is not a person until it's at least eight days old. And Isabel was only three days old when she died, so that means she was never really a person.
    Emilia: Where did you hear that?
    William: My mother.

  • Emilia: What kid doesn't love tofu?...Think of all the little boys that died eating food directly from the container.

  • William: I wonder what temperature poop freezed at?

  • Jack: I'm married is that okay?
    Jack: I'm married, is that okay?

  • Emilia: I'm the new associate.

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