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The Pawnbroker Quotes

  • Ruth Nazerman: Papa is dead, what am I going to do Sol?
    Sol Nazerman: You bury him, there's nothing else to do.
    Ruth Nazerman: Sol when you talk like that you're not human.
    Sol Nazerman: What do you want me to do, come over and cry with you? Well to hell with your crying.

  • Sol Nazerman: Do you believe in God Ortiz?
    Jesus Ortiz: I don't know Mr. Nazerman but you believe in God, and I'd make book on that.
    Sol Nazerman: I do not believe in God, or art, or science, or newspapers, or politics, or philosophy.

  • Sol Nazerman: Next to the speed of light, which Einstein tells us is the only absolute in the universe, second only to that, I rank money.

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