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½ June 29, 2017
I'm currently less than half way through the movie and I'm having such a hard time watching it. It is terrible. The acting is alright, but the script is awful. It's cheesy and ridiculous and predictable. The camera angles and transitions are so amateur, and the fashion is just over the top and in no way feasible for the situations.
Plus they're taking every opportunity possible to name drop and include online stars.
½ June 8, 2017
Not terrible...but Cassie is a terrible actress.
½ April 15, 2017
this was by far the worst rom com I've seen probably ever and I've seen some bad ones I almost didn't make it through the movie
February 18, 2017
I like the unexpected turn of roles :)
½ February 18, 2017
Worst acting i have seen in a long time, a lot of cringing moments.
½ January 21, 2017
This was a terrible movie. The acting was subpar. Great people in the cast, but the script just wasn't great enough. The plot was so weak!! Please save the time out of your life and never watch this movie.
½ November 27, 2016
Awful movie, awful acting everything about this movie was bad. Couldn't stick with it at all! Took it out after 20mins
October 21, 2016
The Perfect Match actually was kinda lame in the beginning. Then it got better once the so-called comedy turned dramatic when the playboy single guy friend got played by this girl and his whole world turned upside down. Then he actually started to show some real emotion.
The movie has the balled headed dude from Clueless.
It has Brandi the RnB pop star as well she has a small role.
The movie has a moral of a story that other movies do and have said before but this movie you can feel the emotion behind it. Mind you I started watching this movie last night with the wife and finished it today i guess it's not the greatest of chick flicks.
The movie is not for the kiddies there is a lot of love scenes that are not suitable for younger audiences.
The Perfect Match is a Perfect above average movie.
September 17, 2016
it was cute. it was funny. pretty entertaining. what happens when a man who plays the game gets played himself. does he learn a lesson in love and live....or does he crash and burns.
½ September 8, 2016
The latest offering from Lions gate, 'The Perfect Match' reminded me quite a bit the type of movie that was popular in the 60s, the sexualized farce. Rather than being character driven it was a situations that serve to form the main plot. Any change in the character's demeanor or fundamental essence is not so much due to their own effort to change but as a result of the often ludicrous situations they have placed themselves in. A very common plot contrivance to create the necessary situation is to have two friends make a wager that the main protagonist cannot alter some fundamental aspect of their personality. For example, a habitual liar may be challenged to have to tell only the truth or a confirmed bachelor challenged to find a suitable young lady and marry her. Fifty years ago the execution of this faced a number of challenges to how the filmmaker could exercise his creative vision. These moral judgements were imposed by the studio's Standards and Practices Department. The more talented auteur would be able to work around these restrictions testing their limitations and enforcement turning them to their own advantage. They were able to create rather clever movies while skirting the sensibilities with the people charged with maintaining what had been decided to be a suitable moral code of content for films. Many of these movies became the standard fare for some incredibly talented actors such as Rock Hudson Doris Day and Jack Lemmon. With the current permissive environment, it has become increasingly tempting for the current generation of directors and screenwriters to become unconcerned with subtleties or double entendres as there is practically nothing that cannot be shown in a modern movie. Even if they were targeting a a mild rating from the MPAA of PG-13 the degree of sexuality that is routinely allowed remains far more than any director of the classic cinematic farce could ever have dreamt possible. The movie is left without the necessity of avoiding the rating' s review board through clever sophistication and nuances of a tightly crafted script presented by the has the back was well versed in this particular form of comedy. I am certain this was an honest try as demonstrated by a trace of enjoyable twist of the circumstances that ultimately is unable to be fully manifested.

Charlie (Terrence Jenkins) is what used to be called a playboy but now more frequently is commonly referred to being a player, is convinced that a mutually emotionally satisfying relationship between a man and woman is impossible. This perspective negates the search for Miss Right to simply 'Miss Right Now'. It is not so much that his attitude towards women is mean-spirited, it's just that he enjoys playing the field eschewing a stable relationship for brief encounter of mutual sexual satisfaction. This doesn't sit well with Charlie's sister, Sherry (Paula Patton), who is a therapist speaks almost entirely as if she was recording an audiobook from New Age self-help guide. She is certain that Charlie's emotional stagnation is predominantly due to the death of their parents. Charlie's cavalier attitude is actually an asset to him professionally. He Is a talent scout who must always be prepared to help his clients face any emotional maelstroms they might encounter. The movie does embrace the fact that we are living in an Internet driven world. Charlie is quite expert at manipulating all forms of social media including but not limited to Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. The first two minutes of the movie demonstrate how useful these talents can be forwarded the hedonistic aspects of his private life. During a casual time on the beach Charlie targets a very attractive young woman and within the first few moments manages to convince her return with him to his apartment better known in situations such as this as is bachelor pad. Charlie smoothly ran from an offer to take this young woman's photograph that will be suitable for garnering an actual number of hits online and quickly turns to an afternoon of energetic sex. This element of the story presents a two-edged sword as it relates to establishing the contextual foundation of the story. Satisfies his need for constantly changing sexual partners but it is hardly conducive to enticing him to settle down.

Charlie is surrounded by a larger cadre of friends, mostly couples that includes Victor (Robert Christopher Riley) and Ginger (Lauren London), who are currently engaged at the having known each other as they were children. Major point of contention between them Ginger earned substantially more than Victor. Another couple, Rick (Donald Faison) and Pressie (Dascha Polanco), who on the verge of panic over not being able to conceive despite all their efforts. Despite the fact that neither of these couples are in relationship without the angst and trepidation that faced many people they are constantly haranguing Charlie forgo his bachelor assistance and find someone suitable for a serious relationship. This is a common plot point found in most romantic comedies but as mentioned above this movie comes off more is a farce of the pressures generated by Charlie's friends escalated to an almost unrealistic level.

His married friends finally reach a point where they are certain they must put a stop to Charlie's concept of life as a sexual buffet and have them settled down with one woman. Point of contention that many might find with the premise of this film is that here in the 21st century delaying getting married small more commonplace than it was 50 years ago. Why does seem to be a predilection for married people to have their friends forgo single life, the underlying plot device here comes a course is unnaturally forced and inconsistent with current social trends and expectations. Charlie's friends cajole him into accepting a wager; Charlie is to date only one woman for the next month, a period of time that will end with the wedding day of Victor and Ginger. Charlie is exceptionally proud of his self-confidence and agrees to the vet certain that he will be able to succeed. Only a few frames of film go by Charlie's acceptance and is encountering Eva (Cassie Ventura).

Eva has only been in long-term relationships throughout the life, she is very much a serial monogamist. She has seen how the of embraced the best variety in the dating pool and the size of what she wants most now is just to enjoy life, have fun avoid commitment next time she becomes involved with a man. This is the foundation for the farcical juxtaposition of opposites. Ironically Charlie and Eva would not have been compatible notwithstanding the bet. The director of this film, Bille Woodruff, has built most of his career with music videos and music/dance oriented movies such as the early Jessica Alba vehicle, 'Honey' as well, as it sequel, 'Honey 'in the soon to be released 'Honey 3', the latter two without the talents of Ms. Alba. This may not be his first nonmusical oriented movie, but he is still very much on the learning curve and his efforts here would indicate that he should be able to make a realistic alteration in preferred themes for his films. The screenwriters, Gary Hardwick and Brandon Broussard both have substantial credits in both television and film predominantly in projects featuring the talents of African-American actors, specifically comedians. The only qualms I had, but the screenplay here is I felt they should have highlighted the farcical elements that in trying to create just another romantic comedy.
September 4, 2016
It was an ok film. There wasn't chemistry between the two leads but the movie's pace was good and even though the characters weren't the most memorable I didn't regret watching this film. It's one of those movies you would come across late night and enjoy. There are also a ton of cameo's by black celebs in this film if that interests you.
August 28, 2016
The Perfect Match is a generic romantic comedy that lacks any genuine laughs. Let's start with the positives. I really liked the cast in the film. Terrence Jenkins was an enjoyable lead, while Paula Patton and Donald Faison were good in their supporting roles. The film has some very poor dialogue. It ranges from cheesy to just bad. Honestly, most of the laughs were from how bad the dialogue was. The film has a large ensemble, but the film never focus enough on the main story. The film focuses on too many subplots. The film was very scattershot. Also, the plot was painfully generic. You knew everything that was going to happen. Overall, the film isn't as horrible as other romantic comedies. Still, the film suffers from a a scattershot narrative, poor dialogue, and predictability.
August 25, 2016
A BET lifetime movie. Felt very cheap. I only gave it a star because I enjoyed seeing the scum bag get scummed and did not feel bad for him at all. Horrible job on the visine drops btw.
August 17, 2016
The Perfect Match is Perfectly Annoying.
August 17, 2016
A fun cast, a sweet story, and a perfect ending.
August 7, 2016
Decent movie, very good production design
July 29, 2016
Wow, the movie turns out better than I expected. It has a good plot, comedy, and a twist too! The downsides are some scenes seem sporadic and could use more comedy. B grade.
July 29, 2016
The ensemble movie cast lacks chemistry and the film lacks atmosphere. There is sometimes too much dialouge so maybe the issue is the screen writing as visually the film is good including a great soundtrack. The plot is the usual rom com with good actors, a realistic and sometimes entertaining story line however this film does not show off the talent of the cast and each character is unconvincing in the delineation of their characters narrative. It is a shame that this film isnt funny enough, romantic enough and the moral vein of karma is obvious from the inception. It is below average and is missing something that I can not pin point. Overall a nice film that fails to deliver.
July 25, 2016
Typical; predictable; unoriginal..
½ July 23, 2016
this movie was stupid. That is all. ~'
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