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The Petrified Forest Quotes

  • Mrs. Chisholm: Oh you needn't look so martyred, I've never complained - I've given you everything you've wanted. At the price of my self-respect, my individuality and everything else.

  • Alan Squier: Oh Lord; now it's going to be all over.
    Alan Squier: Oh Lord, now it's going to be all over.

  • Gabrielle Maple: Paris! That must be the most marvelous place in the world for love, isn't it Alan?
    Alan Squier: All places are marvelous, Gabrielle.
    Gabrielle Maple: Even here?
    Alan Squier: Especially here, my darling. As long as I live I'll be grateful to the Duke.
    Gabrielle Maple: Alan - Alan, will you please kiss me?
    Gabrielle Maple: Alan? Alan, will you please kiss me?

  • Alan Squier: Well let me tell you something: you're a forgetful old fool. Any woman's worth everything that any man has to give. Anguish, ecstasy, faith, jealousy, love, hatred, life or death - don't you see that's the whole excuse for our existence. It's what makes the whole thing possible and tolerable. When you get to my age you'll learn better sense.

  • Slim: Hi, fellow brother!
    Joseph the Chauffeur: Good Evening!

  • Duke Mantee: [as a sarcastic toast] Here's happy days.
    Duke Mantee: Here's happy days.
    Gramp Maple: Yes sir; certainly does feel great to have a real killer around here again!
    Gramp Maple: Yes sir. Certainly does feel great to have a real killer around here again!
    Alan Squier: Yes, it's pleasant to be back again - amongst the living.

  • Gabrielle Maple: Wouldn't you like someone to be in love with you?
    Alan Squier: Yes Gabrielle, I - I would like someone in love with me.
    Alan Squier: Yes Gabrielle, I...I would like someone in love with me.
    Gabrielle Maple: Do you think I'm attractive?
    Alan Squier: There are better words than that for what you are.

  • Gabrielle Maple: Gramp, what are you doing back there?
    Gramp Maple: Can't you let your old grandpappy have a little snifter now.
    Gabrielle Maple: No. You can have one before you go to bed.
    Gramp Maple: Well, I'm sleepy now.

  • Gramp Maple: I tell you here. You can't tell a killer except by the chin. There's a funny thing about that. A killer always holds his chin in. You ever notice that?

  • Gabrielle Maple: Your wife must have treated you terribly.
    Alan Squier: Why do you say that?
    Gabrielle Maple: She talked all the heart out of you. I could put it back.

  • Alan Squier: You better come with me, Duke. I'm planning to be buried in the Petrified Forest. I've formed a theory about that that would interest you. It's the graveyard of civilization that's shot from under us. The world of outmoded ideas. They're all so many dead stumps in the desert. That's where I belong and so do you Duke. For you're the last great apostle of rugged individualism.

  • Jackie: Now, just behave yourself, you two, and nobody will get hurt. This is Duke Mantee, the world-famous killer and he's hungry.

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