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September 8, 2015
As seems to be the case from this era, the Dickensian adaptations are a sheer delight to watch. I do enjoy watching John Hayter and here he is perfect as the somewhat overweight, pompous, ruddy faced Englishman. He and some friends trek across Britain but constantly fall foul of locals and the inadvertently the law.
December 19, 2012
Faithful adaptation of the Dickens novel.
December 31, 2011
A wonderful old Dickens tale, with very entertaining dialogue, characters, and situations. Dickens was a a genius when it came to showing the silliness of propriety and nobility. Check this movie out.
½ February 3, 2010
I just read the book, and this is rather condensed, but a good movie. Although absolutely no one, besides Aunt Rachel and Mrs. Leo Hunter, was how I imagined them; and although they were all portrayed well, Jingle was probably closest to the book, if a little too unsure of himself. He still captured his spech perfectly. Job Trotter was the only person I'd say was wrong, he was acted well, and hilariously solemn, just not the right man for the book version. Everyone seemed less serious than I thought they were in the book. Winkle was hilarious, but in the book it was more of trying to keep his honor, and in this he was just plain silly, instead of just a liar trying to keep up an appearance and not being able to. In the book it was funny because of how formal and serious it was portrayed when it truly wasn't, in this the comedy was more apparent.

...Enough comparing with the book. Everyone in this is so over-exaggerated, it's hilarious, and merely reminiscent of the excellent book which you should read. Winkle's expressions and voice, the fat boy's creepiness, Jingle's manner of speech, Pickwick's so-called honorableness and good nature, great one liners ("I shall find you out!" "Well that may be, but you certainly won't find me in!" [which is from the book]). A good, solid comedy, and though sillier than the book, and much had to be left out, an enjoyable tribute. Definitely worth a watch if you enjoyed the book. I'll watch the BBC one and see if it it's truer to the how I imagined it. Sam Weller wasn't at all how I imagined him, but the actor was the greatest. Really. And Winkle. Especially Sam. Just Sam and Winkle are worth it.
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