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½ November 12, 2015
This is a fair dramatisation of Dublin's Easter Risings, which is both sympathetic, and a license to entertain, which it does. John Ford is not too bothered with the sets looking the part though. Having been to see the existing bullet holes in the actual Post Office wall, I can safely say the Hollywood set looks more like a sound stage than the place in Ireland's capital where the events took place.
February 19, 2013
An interesting, if not altogether successful, Ford picture, mining some of the same territory as the much better THE INFORMER.
Super Reviewer
December 10, 2011
John Ford, showcasing his pride of his Irish heritage, made this emotional and realistically violent film about the 1916 Easter Rebellion of Irish patriots revolting against their British rulers. The film is captured brilliantly and is filled with loads of destruction and the devastating effects on the Irish people. RKO studios had another Director come in to reshoot the more political tones that Ford wanted, causing him to never make another film with the studio again. If you're a fan of John Ford and Classic films, this is one to give a spin.
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