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March 19, 2020
It's a bit messy, a lot silly, but it's exactly what anyone with an interest could want out of a Predator flick.
February 3, 2020
One of the smartest things The Predator does is placing the titular character in different scenarios than ones we're used to - close quarters, suburbia, space - as well as the environments we've seen him in.
July 11, 2019
Digital missteps apart, 'Predator' is largely satisfactory during the vast majority of its length. [Full Review in Spanish]
May 29, 2019
It's better than Predator 2 and the slightly dull Predators, and infinitely better than the two lame Alien vs. Predator spinoffs.
May 7, 2019
The cast worked really well together, the jokes totally landed, and the action was almost non-stop. The Predator is a watch at home movie, but still worth a watch.
February 6, 2019
[The Predator] is reminiscent of the original, taking great pleasure in finding ways large and small to tie the story to previous installments, while still marking its own path.
November 20, 2018
Like the super predator, what we're left with is an 11-foot hybrid monster that probably shouldn't have attempted this evolution.
November 5, 2018
Is this a good movie? No. Is it silly? Yes. Exaggerated? Definitely. But is it fun? Oh yeah. [Full Review in Spanish]
November 5, 2018
Everybody's favourite multi-jawed dreadlocked alien monster is back for a fun, throwaway action splurge. With a large dollop of humour, the film plays like the latest sequel in the Predator series rather than as any attempt to makeover the formula.
November 1, 2018
Black blows up the action movie stereotypes of yore with a Cheshire Cat grin.
October 31, 2018
I really wanted to love The Predator, and I'm extremely relieved that I do. It's also clear that this final product is muddled and imperfect and probably a little generationally tone deaf.
October 29, 2018
It's a film that features some of Black's trademark wit but it's far too inconsistent for anyone who isn't a die-hard fan of either Shane Black or the Predator films.
October 14, 2018
If you like Black's work, you'll enjoy The Predator, plain and simple. His jokey attitude, taste for violence, and overall tone are in full effect. He doesn't take things too seriously, which is key.
October 11, 2018
When Black employs a tactic and sticks with his brains - like an evolving predator - he can't be stopped.
October 3, 2018
Anyone looking for a "serious" movie featuring this creature will be disappointed. Approach The Predator for what it is -- a self-aware riff on classic B-movies -- and it's a reasonably enjoyable way to kill two hours.
October 3, 2018
A muddled effort that never hits the highs of the (admittedly perfect) original film, though a terrific cast and more than a few clever surprises are sure to keep audiences on their toes (and on the edge of their seats).
September 24, 2018
The frenetic pace plays in favor of the film... moving from one action sequence to another with small breaks for the required dose of plot that is needed only to generate some empathy with the protagonists. [Full review in Spanish]
September 23, 2018
A waist-high muck of studio meddling that contains some franchise high-points. Wade through and be rewarded accordingly.
September 20, 2018
Black's latest addition to the franchise cashes in on high-octane action scenes, comedy, self-referential moments and pathological mapping that draws you into the Loonies' psychology, questions of ability and the mission at hand.
September 20, 2018
And as [Shane Black] mixes comedy and action... he manages to make The Predator a light and entertaining movie. Mission accomplished. [Full review in Spanish]
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