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June 10, 2018
VERY different. Chuck McCann is a brilliant guy. Rodney Dangerfield's first movie.
½ February 8, 2014
Chuck McCann plays a Walter Mitty-like projectionist who escapes a dull reality by drifting off into a fantasy world where he's a hero. Similar to "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid," this film has McCann interacting with old Hollywood films and characters. However, although this film came up with the idea about 10 years earlier, Carl Reiner did it a lot better in his film, which actually used many behind-the-scenes players like Edith Head on costumes, Miklós Rózsa on music and production design by John DeCuir. But this film does have it's charms. McCann is quite empathetic as a lonely schlub with a cruel boss, played by a young Rodney Dangerfield in his film debut. It's not really a well made film, but it is an interesting concept with a good cast, even if it's somewhat amateurishly made.
October 4, 2012
Overrated and rather tedious.
½ May 19, 2011
It's clear a lot of heart went into this movie, it's love of cinema and championing of the underdog is very apparent. But unfortunately it's just never really clever or engrossing enough to be consistently compelling. It has its moments, particularly with some clever editing of clips of classic films, but not really enough to keep it moving.
March 25, 2011
Recently remastered for preservation and screened on TCM, Harry Hurwitz's early entry into the New York Indie movement might seem a bit dated today as it's been ripped off repeatedly over the years (admittedly, one could argue that it rips off The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), but film lovers will want to take note as this is considered Hurwitz's most accessible film and contains comic great Rodney Dangerfield's first screen appearance in a serious role that reflects his once great potential as a dramatic actor.
March 17, 2011
Seriously disjointed homage to movies! Lots of great ideas, but this movie seems edited by chimps! Randomly bounces from one moment to the next. And, that is unfortunate since this could have been really cool!
March 16, 2011
inbteresting 70's curio//rewatch: gotta love rodney pure cinemagic reminds me of cinema paradiso with clearances
½ March 21, 2010
A great little fantasy film starring Chuck McCann as a much abused movie theatre projectionist and Rodney Dangerfield as his chief nemesis, the head usher. Reality and Fantasy blur constantly resulting in a surreal, fun (and funny) feature.
September 28, 2008
Surprisingly good. Every movie lover should see this
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