The Rabbi's Cat Reviews

February 15, 2013
Like the title character, the makers of The Rabbi's Cat follow their noses wherever a new scent leads. Their eternal curiosity buoys this Cat, then impairs it somewhat, but redeems it by the end.
January 19, 2013
Sfar's enchanting portrait of a society in which Jews and Muslims live compatibly is a lesson for our time
January 18, 2013
It's a movie that packs all its ideas in beautifully animated doses, filled with Northern African music and landscapes. It may get clunky, but it's easy to get lost in its loveliness.
January 17, 2013
It's a wild and vivid ride and a spirited reminder of the kinship between Jewish and Arab cultural traditions.
January 15, 2013
One of the most grown-up animated features of the modern age.
December 8, 2012
A French animated film about the unusual quest of a rabbi, a skeikh, and a talking cat to discover the essential unity of life.
December 7, 2012
Fascinating, clever animated tale not meant for young kids.
December 6, 2012
The film presents an often sharp commentary on dueling beliefs and idiocies that unfolds in lush pastel hues and distinctively retro drawings.
December 6, 2012
Though we wander a bit, the trip is a delight, thanks to the witty company.
December 6, 2012
While the scenes don't always fit together thematically or tonally, each one is its own polished gem.
December 5, 2012
An absorbing, nuanced, and vividly animated tale of adventure, ambivalent morality, colonial injustice, talking animals, and the vagaries of religious zeal and colonialism.
March 17, 2012
Despite its flaws, the film is at least a consistent vision, attesting through both its story and animation to the rabbi's right to be different while also striving for human solidarity.
June 6, 2011
It is often colorful, witty and inspired, but also too episodic, and lacks a strong ending.
June 3, 2011
For someone as gifted as Sfar at visual storytelling, the film is very, very talky. That said, voice work in French is a delight.
June 2, 2011
Despite the overstuffed storytelling, Sfar and co-director Antoine Delesvaux provide an incredible palette of visuals culled from the style Sfar originally created on paper.