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October 9, 2017
The Revenant is awash with Herzog's perception of the natural world's indifference (at best) to man. If only they could have got him to direct this.
January 9, 2016
Iñárritu has constructed an epic fable of uncommon grace and resonance--a film that, like its hero, achieves a kind of transcendence.
January 8, 2016
The journey is long and painstaking, the better to give you a sense of just what is being opposed to what.
January 8, 2016
DiCaprio is called on to depict the man's desperation, grief and searing anger almost entirely through his eyes and he does it with remarkable depth, turning Glass's endurance into a steadfastness both physical and emotional.
January 7, 2016
DiCaprio may get put through bloody hell, but on a big screen "The Revenant" is heaven, with Lubezki's camera painting the American West as a rapturous primeval proving ground.
January 7, 2016
There is so much to like and admire and study closely, including DiCaprio's mature, committed, ruthless and yet empathetic performance.
July 9, 2019
The Revenant is like Iñárritu's last effort, Birdman, in that it's a movie that convinces you it's more significant and important than it is, when it's really just pretty and kinda dumb.
July 5, 2019
A bold, brutal, beautiful movie and an impeccably directed work of art.
April 17, 2019
It is a tremendous performance and DiCaprio gives it his all.
April 9, 2019
If ever there was any question over DiCaprio's commitment to his craft, his monolithic performance here stands as proof that he is without doubt one of the all-time greats.
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