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½ January 18, 2015
Loved it! I'm a sucker for these kinds of movies, especially Irish ones, and this one did not disappoint. I'm reading now that it won a few awards in 2010 when it was released across the pond and I'm not surprised. It's based on a true story - I'm amazed it took 25 years for someone to turn it into a movie! :) [On Netflix now.]
November 7, 2014
excellent film really enjoyed the character of frogs oh wait thats me :)
December 20, 2013
Refreshing and adorable story of different cultures, communucation and life in a small village in Ireland. Loved it!
Super Reviewer
December 6, 2013
This is a good, if rather unimpressive, film. It certainly has a lot of heart and an absolutely gorgeous and quaint Irish village. I don't really have much to say about this film, it's got a damn good cast and some funny moments, it's never hilarious but it has some good jokes. Cliched jokes, the language barrier, cultural differences, etc, but some funny jokes nonetheless. It isn't consistently funny either, but I can't complain. The story is well-told and sees Paco connecting with and befriending Ernesto, whose plane crashes in his village, because of his father's absence. Paco also gets the entire village, by making up stuff about Ernesto in order to make him look heroic, to help fix Ernesto's plane in order to get him back home. It's good but, again, not particularly impressive. You've seen this type of story before and you will see it again, and probably done much better than this. I liked the movie, but I never felt like Paco and Ernesto truly made a connection, I find that this film is lacking emotional depth. I still think the film is charming, thanks to its setting, and its quirky characters but it didn't really always click with me. Perfectly solid movie though, just one that should've been better all things considered. A good movie that you'll forget about in a week's time.
October 11, 2013
Not an hilarious comedy- bright spots...
½ March 2, 2013
Between a 6/10 and 7/10. this little Irish charmer hits many of the right notes for its modest ambitions.
August 12, 2012
Lovely story of humanity helping each other.
July 19, 2012
A wonderful little Irish film. Not to be missed. Well acted and a witty script. Not a single digitally enhanced scene and no shot is fired. Amazing.
½ March 22, 2012
Excelente cinta, que relata la historia de una amistad que desarrolla entre un niño de una pequeña comunidad irlandesa de los 80's y un "piloto" sudamericano que se estrella en las inmediaciones de pueblo, lo que provoca una serie de eventos que llenan de vida a una comunidad antes dejada al olvido y resignada al fracaso, al tratar de ayudar al "piloto" a reparar su avión y a hacerlo despegar.
La actuaciones de Demian Bichir y Kerry Condon (el niño) son excelentes y el guión (basado en una historia real) es excelente. Muy recomendable.
January 4, 2012
sorpresivamente buena.
½ October 18, 2011
A cute Sunday afternoon movie w/ the fam, great cast, cute story, nice subtle movie references. You need to suspend some disbelief, I was only a teeny bit bothered by the lack of attention to some details in recreating the time period (early 80's) with some very glaring prop and sound effect boo-boos.
September 23, 2011
An Irish adventure that feels as optimistic as most of us remember the early 80s.
June 13, 2011
A lovely tale based on a "Kind of true Story". I really get to enjoy Irish movies. This ablitiy to laugh about themselves is refreshing...
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