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December 30, 2016
Whether you loved it or hate it, you have to give it credit because it draws light to a real problem, that of human trafficking which happens every day around the world and can be just as bad as this movie.
½ October 16, 2016
Awesome movie. Brutal, just how I like em'. It gets drawn out towards the end, but its definitely worth the watch.
April 3, 2016
Not for the faint of heart. If you like some pretty twisted stuff, you'll enjoy this film as much as I did.
½ April 1, 2016
I completely understand why this would not be to everyone's taste but if you're looking for a film which leaves a lasting impression then this ticks the box. It us deeply disturbing and very violent in places and hard to watch.
March 15, 2016
An ugly movie without any satisfaction or real payoff, think 'I Spit On Your Grave' before we get to the revenge part. At that, it's just boringly uncomfortable.
½ March 9, 2016
Brutal yet emotional, there is a layer of importance around this movie.
½ February 29, 2016
Seasoning House 2013
Are you looking for a very disturbing Eastern-European sex slave, torture porn and revenge film to cheer up your day? This one is for you. I, and most normal people, struggle watching films like this. It's so disturbing, hopeless and lacks anything of the elements of "Hostel" or other abuser gets revenge films that make it a horror film. This is just one sick awful gang after gang of gross men passing through the "Seasoning House".
To top it off Alfred from the TV show "Gotham", whom I love, is the bad guy. I did not personal care for this movie but it is a good one for whatever dark genre you classify it in. # torcherporn #horror #horrormovies #thriller
February 1, 2016
9/10 - I always knew I was a special flower, but... the hate for this brilliant movie? It's bleak. It's dark. It's depressing. It also hits all the right beats and has an amazing performance from Rosie Day, who owns the whole movie, without saying a word. My only negative from this, was the ending. It's not an easy watch, and if you're squeamish, you might want to eat BEFORE you see it, cause when it gets violent, it gets good and gory, but I highly, highly recommend this flick. Ignore the idiots at Rotten Tomatoes and their 21%, and listen to this idiot and his 9/10.

January 29, 2016
I watched this by mistake.. It was in the horror section on Netflix for some reason, when it shouldn't be. However it was actually a pretty good movie. If I knew what it was about before, I probably wouldn't have watched it, but I really enjoyed this film. Had me on the edge of my seat most times, and the ending lil twist was good. It is very dark and pretty graphic when it comes to some scenes, but if you can go through that then deffs give this a watch
½ January 19, 2016
The Seasoning House: where young girls are prostituted to the military. An orphaned deaf mute is enslaved to care for them. She moves between the walls and crawlspaces, showing the little kindnesses when she can. When fate brings the men that murdered her family and the reason she ended up in the whore house, a chain of events begins that will end her captivity, free the girls still alive in the house and grant her revenge on the soldiers that destroyed her life.
Rapey, rapey rapey prelims throw you right into the setting. Thankfully not too much graphic rape, this is more of a revenge thriller. Claustrophobic, taught cinematography; Great acting, Knightmarish scenario. Bloody good thriller.
Not for the fainthearted.
January 19, 2016
I will start off my review by saying that I have seen some of the most disturbing films ever created those of which being "The Human Centipede", "Martyrs", "A Serbian Film" twice, "I Spit on Your Grave" and "Hostel" along with many others so I'm very calloused when it comes to not flinching when watching Graphic Content but this movie hit my core like a punch from Saitama. I will now start with the story which is about a girl named Angel who is a deaf mute who is forced to work in a prostitution house in the Balkans of the late 1990's. The story progresses when she meets the soldiers that killed her family at the house and fyi that isn't a spoiler that is in the base synopsis of the movie. I will now head to the acting department which was cast Superbly seeing as I didn't know anybody outside of "Sean Pertwee" whom I love as an actor. The main protagonist Angel who is played by "Rosie Day" was Absolutely Amazing in her role and everyone else did a tremendously great job. I will move onto the action which is hard to define so I will combine but action with psychological aspects. I mean the action scenes are among some of the most grueling and painful to watch scenes I have seen for an extremely long time and very bloody. I will now go into the psychological aspects of this movie. I mean I had a hard time watching this film and as I mentioned prior I have seen a ton of stuff. I mean the subject matter and what it portrays on the screen is harsh,grim,cruel,heartless and incessant the whole time. I literally had to force myself to watch it until the end. I wanted to go through the screen and kill these sick individuals myself. The location was shot very well in a disused Air Force Base doubling as a brothel house so it mainly stuck to the one house the entire movie. I will close by saying this is Paul Hyett's second movie I have seen but his first movie made because I watched "Howl" the other night and it was Incredible. I will finish with this and that is that this movie is gut-wrenching to watch and will more then likely make you feel there is no longer any hope for civilization if you haven't already lost that but this is a Must-Watch movie that will question everything you hold dear considering this still happens in today's society all around the world. I'm honestly at a loss for words but just prepare yourselves for one of the the most unsympathetic and barbarous films you will ever watch and have a wonderful day.
December 14, 2015
one of the most depressing and disturbing movies I have seen, and I can stomach alot I came close to turning it off a few times but its far from a horror movie its full of degrading human life.
½ November 6, 2015
An interesting thriller that taps into the primal need to survive.
½ October 1, 2015
Intense and rough to watch at times but definitely makes you think twice!!
August 15, 2015
I thought it was a pretty good movie, had a good story line and plenty of gore. :)
½ June 20, 2015
A deaf mute girl cleans up and gives IV drugs to sex slaves? What an incredibly depressing premise. Abduction of Eden is hilarious by comparison. The directing is strong, with the back story told through flashbacks. This grim escape movie shows what happen when you are taken and your dad isn't Liam Neeson.

"It's [an] atmospheric and tense journey. Arguably not unlike Gravity if you were to replace the vacuum of space with a bunch of angry dudes."
- Luke Y. Thompson, Topless Robot
Super Reviewer
May 31, 2015
Dull, depressing, deadening and dragging rubbish.
May 2, 2015
I love this movie! It's so good!
½ April 12, 2015
Nothing ... go away,.... no way... i ll erase it....n naaaaaaaaaa
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