The Shape of Water Reviews

December 26, 2017
The movie's worldview is as easy to like as the protagonist and her friends, but del Toro lays it on so thick that there's no room for counterargument or even independent thought.
December 22, 2017
"The Shape of Water" is director Guillermo del Toro's finest film, a lovely, empathetic tribute to Old Hollywood, monster movies, outsiders and love that could only come from the mind of the visionary filmmaker.
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December 19, 2017
The more I try to find some kind of justifiable meaning and relevance, the more I find The Shape of Water a loopy, lunkheaded load of drivel.
December 14, 2017
The visual stylist spins an adult fairy tale that takes elements from "Beauty and the Beast" and recasts them in an alternative universe that's a wonderfully rendered twist on our own.
December 14, 2017
"The Shape of Water" is one of the best films of the year.
December 13, 2017
You never know where "The Shape of Water" is going. But, like water, you let it engulf you and sweep you away.
December 10, 2017
Eggs, water, and-yes-sex all play crucial and overlapping roles in director Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water, an adult fairy tale that is at once deeply familiar and utterly original.
December 8, 2017
It's a testament to the storyteller's skill that he manages to cram [so much] into his narrative with nary a lump and still keep his characters dancing with only one or two minor missteps.
December 8, 2017
As much as The Shape of Water's disparate parts shouldn't work - and as much as its "originality" is sourced from the thousands of other fables del Toro has consumed over his lifetime - it does, in the end.
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December 7, 2017
To place yourself in GDT's hands, as he tells the type of story he tells better than anyone else, is a rich pleasure.