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May 12, 2017
love love this movie big jussie fan
½ November 4, 2015
Lovely movie and not so cliche.
December 13, 2014
I really liked this film; I mean I really liked it. It's not just that there were club scenes and I don't get all any more; the picture perfect cast, the acting, comedic smarts, and great script were fab, too. This is a self-aware screwball comedy that works.
April 25, 2014
awesome movie with great acting from Blake young fountain and jessie s.
April 11, 2014
I liked this movie. I got emotional in two scenes, and I usually don't get emotional watching movies.
July 9, 2013
heard it was a great movie
April 17, 2013
Y bueno la mistad prevalece sobre todo
½ February 3, 2013

No, not really. The acting was mediocre, the storyline unoriginal, and it relied too much on the stereotypical gay characters
½ January 6, 2013
Iā(TM)m very sceptical about gay - themed movies, cause tried to watch hundreds, but maybe only few can be watched till the end. And from the first 10 minutes I had the same thoughts in my head, but later all stories got solid colours. I was amazed about story line, cause it was hard to guess and I wanted to see all the story going.
Actors did a good job, not great, but it was enough to convince me. Canā(TM)t understand why director wanted to show such stereotypical gay image? I would mix different characters, but on another hand, it worked perfectly in this film.
October 29, 2012
Very endearing. Good story. Cute cast & even fun when there's much dramatic scenes.
½ July 9, 2012
I saw it and thought the script was loose but the real standout was Jussie Smollett as Magnus. He really delivered a heartfelt performace in a part that could easily have been very annoying. I'd see it again because its a good time.
July 8, 2012
It's good to see these movies are getting better. Props to the director.
½ April 27, 2012
THE SKINNY is a universal story of friendships. Unlike the trailer, the movie has a lot to offer. A film best viewed with a friend or friends. There are several stand out performances and a lots of truth in the story. Limited engagement. See this if you can.
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