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October 10, 2014
Regardless of the Plot, Gabriel Macht did an awesome job. He should be a leading man more. Saw him too in Because I said so. Who wouldn't be addicted to him.!!!
October 4, 2014
En serio Frank Miller dirigiķ esta cosa?
Personajes Nada interesantes, La trama se la sabe hasta mi vecinito, y Los dialogos horrendos (lo peor de la peli), pero contiene escenas de accion llamativas y un estilo visual muy adecuado.
El pecado: Adaptar un Comic de los aņos 40's con toques actuales, haciendo que la pelicula no tenga una trama clara y concreta.
October 1, 2014
No shame, I love this movie dammit
September 25, 2014
FAR from Sin City, but I actually liked this movie. It's not that great or anything, but I did enjoy it. The hate is warranted because this film has a fair amount of issues, however I think the hate is a bit excessive. Overall, I had a pretty good time with The Spirit. It's certainly top-notch from a visual standpoint.
September 14, 2014
such an abhorrently abomination this adaptation of such a sweet and beloved character is that it single handedly killed a potential franchise. Miller seemed so anxious to make this movie a Sin City clown that he totally forgot the essence of Eisner's magnificent creation.
September 10, 2014
The unique visuals don't quite mix with the one dimensional characters, half-assed script, and slack pacing.
½ September 10, 2014
The casting for this movie was just brilliant! The story was a little unorthodox, but it is a wildly entertaining viewing experience.
½ September 6, 2014
I can clearly see why this movie bombed on opening weekend because this film was just utter garbage and I hated it. I couldn't find anything good about this movie and the good visuals were not enough for me to give it at least one star. Everything from the mediocre acting, uninteresting story, terrible script and characters, and bland directing made this a painful experience to get through. I took breaks in between because of the bad moments the film had. This is the first time Frank Miller has directed a movie by himself and in my opinion, he did a crap job and could have done a lot better. As the film went on, the plot became more stupid, ludacris, and cliched. Gabriel Macht was a horrendous and terrible casting choice to play the lead because he was uncharismatic and his acting was awful. Scarlett Johansson who I love as an actress was terrible here and played a meaningless character. Samuel L. Jackson is usually great in about everything he is in, but here he is under a really mediocre script and had nothing good to do except speak dumb dialogue and do stupid things. Eva Mendes who isn't a great actress to begin with also played a mediocre character and was only cast here because of her looks. In the end, this movie only comes off as a worthless waste of time and it did nothing but piss me off. If you want to watch a graphic novel film that is actually good, watch Sin City, V for Vendetta, 300, or Watchman.
½ September 6, 2014
Watchable only by comedic so-bad-it's-good means, The Spirit is a trashy superhero film with visuals we've all seen before.
½ September 6, 2014
Abysmal "superhero" movie directed by the artist himself, Frank Miller, that misses every note possible and was a chore to sit through. The cast is entirely lifeless and not one thing they said sounded credible and it was almost always a corny delivery. The character of The Spirit had potential to be cool, but apart from two quick scenes where he's using his abilities, he's mostly a lame, powerless hero who more than once uses snowballs as weapons. The plot is practically non-existant and everyone involved should bow their heads in shame at this dreck! I hope Gabriel Macht had fun making out with all the gorgeous women, because that's all this movie has to offer.
August 26, 2014
This movie tried to copy the overall style and atmosphere of Sin City, but it fails so hard and so many levels that it winds up being just blatantly ridiculous. The film's story is hard to take seriously, especially with such ridiculously out-of-place concepts like The Golden Fleece and the Blood of Heracles, but what really hampers the story is the unlikable lead character, who won't stop spouting all those pretentious metaphors he uses to describe his city. Speaking of the characters, the acting is so terrible that it makes me wonder how much of an effort the actors even made. I suppose that's what happens when most of the cast comprises of no-name actors, and not even the only two big-name actors (Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson) do anything to make it better. Instead, I find Samuel L. Jackson spouting the cheesiest lines he's ever been paid to make, and that's still nothing compared to all the other cheesy lines. The action scenes are badly choreographed, to the point that some of the shooting is filmed from ridiculous angles, almost in a pathetic attempt to hide how much of a bad job they did. The worst part about this movie is the style. They tried to imitate Sin City's gritty style, but they did such a half-assed job at it that ended up not only making it look worse, but they also made it look and sound much campier. Say what you will about Batman & Robin, but let me tell you, the people who made Batman and Robin are probably looking at this and laughing. The Spirit is basically a terrible comic book movie, and with no redeeming qualities, it's the worst in that category.
August 26, 2014
I can't believe Samuel L. Jackson took part in this project! This movie is nothing more than an unpolished movie laden with cliche and bland characters, bad lines, and unrefined special effects. Seriously, this movie is more closely resembling of something you should see in a made-for-TV movie. I must wonder how much of the budget they actually shelled out for the movie, because they could have spent it on polishing the movie. The film's style, and some moments within it, are unique (at least somewhat), but that doesn't stop the movie from being lifeless, terrible, and even downright bland. Not to mention, the story is very nonsensical and brings in mystical/mythological elements that feel extremely out of place and serve only to make a bland plot worse by precisely that virtue. The action also has almost no impact whatsoever save for one scene at the end and even that one wasn't particularly stellar. This movie seems like it could actually have been a decent outing, but instead it's just really bad.
August 25, 2014
I give two stars only because if this had been the first movie to come out with this visual style, I would have been impressed. The movie is derivative, and quite a boring trainwreck. The story is easy to follow, but it plods along ever so slowly. This movie is memorable because I don't remember another time when I was so extremely underwhelmed.
August 24, 2014
In order to have a full enjoyment, you've read the graphic novel that the movie's based on and you've seen "Sin City" and "300" that are based on the graphic novels created by the same creator who'd placed himself on the director's chair to adapt one of his acclaimed works. But it seem that his adaptation is the continuation of the titular character, meaning there's no time to get familiar with the story if you haven't read the graphic novel.

Superhero films doesn't do this. They give enough time for everyone to grit familiar with the universe while going on with the story to entertain the viewers. But this particular only went on with the story and showed weaknesses and being felt that it's getting out of the viewers' interest.

The film only relies on two things that were shown in the attractive, compelling teaser: the style and Gabriel Machet's voiceover; whilst forgetting or leaving out the bass music. The film only used those two tactics to keep the final product satisfying. But that failed due to long breaks between the appearances of the mentioned qualities. The rest of the film during those breaks was just showing the disappointment that was less than what was expected to be like.

The one minute-and-14 seconds teaser is more entertaining unfortunately. It's complete with the style and atmosphere that was expected to take most of the film. I really don't know why Frank Miller, the creator/director, didn't follow the way to expand the teaser into a feature-length film. It's a brain-stomper, but now we can see why the teaser is called a teaser because it'd inadvertently teased.

"The Spirit" is for only those who've seen creator and director Frank Miller's other adapted works to get to know his artistic style and read the graphic novel to know the style on print and the story to get familiar with it. (C+)

(Full review coming soon)
August 24, 2014
dull and boring is not only soaks anyone who watches, it leaves a bad case of the run after it all dries up and make dull and boring the last thing you'll complain. Only because you'll complain everything else in this dumb, scattered, and utterly pointless movie.

"F-" is my grade for the only use this movie will have is when you run out of clay pigeons and you wanna clear space on the shelve.
August 21, 2014
fun. but i would have much rather liked to see the next sin city movie. The plot was boring. Humor was random. the style was beautiful. rental at best.
½ August 19, 2014
Frank Miller: Let's take imaginative Will Eisner's resurrection crime series and turn it into a completely ungrounded freak fest while unnecessarily ripping off Sin City's visuals, except now its unstylish and very,very,very lazy. Let's also make the characters funny and the Spirit a badly acted man slut.
August 11, 2014
Miller took a graphic novel nobody gave a damn about and made a movie that nobody gave a damn about. The Spirit is what Sin City would've been without Tarantino: A jumbled up mess of unwholesome fan service. At the end of the day, the Spirit is a movie that few will find as entertaining as Sin City.
½ August 10, 2014
Insanely terrible. Like. Off the charts. This is the worst film ever made.
August 8, 2014
can be boring in some parts. macht was yummy though!
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