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The Strangers Quotes

  • Kristen McKay: (scared and crying) There's someone out there...
    Kristen McKay: There's someone out there.

  • James Hoyt: I haven't heard a dog bark, a car pass, nothing.

  • James Hoyt: Im going to open the door and i just want you to run, okay.
    Man in the Mask: [starts busting door down with axe]
    Kristen McKay: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  • Dollface: Your gonna die.

  • Kristen McKay: Why are you doing this to us?
    Dollface: Because you were home.

  • Kristen McKay: He was wearing a mask...
    James Hoyt: What like a ski mask?
    Kristen McKay: I don't know a fucking mask!!
    Kristen McKay: I don't know? A fucking mask!

  • Pin-Up Girl: It'll be easier next time.
    Pin-Up Girl: [to Dollface] It'll be easier next time.

  • Kristen McKay: Help me!

  • Dollface: Because you were home.

  • Pin-Up Girl: Is Tamera home?

  • Kristen McKay: GO AWAY!!!!
    Kristen McKay: Go away!

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