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October 30, 2015
A shy doofus (Co-writer/director Pierre Etaix) concedes to the wishes of his long-suffering parents and begins searching for a nice woman to settle down with. His clumsy attempts to do so lead to misadventures with a drunken party girl, a sultry chanteuse, and a foreign exchange student whose poor grasp of French makes her blissfully ignorant of his strained attempts to court her. Pierre Etaix is (justifiably) compared to Jacques Tati, but his playful construction of slapstick and visual gags also owes a lot to the silent comedies of Buster Keaton and the director's own experiences as a circus performer. The Suitor is ultimately unable to transcend its influences, but it's a sweet little movie that should please those who enjoy the physical comedy of a bygone era.
March 18, 2015
I'm still smiling with the delightful 'suitor' (Pierre Etaix) What a universe to immerse oneself! though it may bring Jacques Tati to mind, the laws here are very different, it's not about naivety or Chaplinesque poignancy, the character is obsessive, obstinate and uninformed to the point of tragic sweetness. In the best tradition of the finest slapstick comedy, a very personal point of view. All in all an unforgettable masterpiece, a pristine restoration, and to my disbelief with just one review in Rotten Tomatoes... Where are the Cinema lovers, the historians of cinema, the critics, the restless movie goers? This is a Jewell in all its splendor, and the impeccable restoration made by the Criterion Collection something that should've been celebrated as an important cinematic event... (????)
June 3, 2013
Recently released by Criterion, the films of actor/director Pierre Etaix have arrived for home viewing. In his debut, Pierre plays a sheltered individual who loves astronomy, but his parents have decided he needs to get married. And so begins a quirky and gag filled quest for romance, for a person who has no knowledge on the subject at all.

You know those cheesy romance moments where the main character is alone and everyone else seems to be a couple? This is like that, but as a movie. We get to see Pierre fail in almost every way, until he meets a very obnoxious and pushy neighbour whom he begins a short romance. He then develops a crush on a singer, and it all winds down to a small but satisfying climax.

Originally intended to be a short series of sketches, this film works when its strung together. Its a charming debut for Pierre Etaix, very funny but also heartwarming.
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