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½ January 15, 2018
Of the original sequels, this is the weakest. Most of the original voices are replaced and the music isn't fully true to its broadway styled original. Even though some will say that Derek and Odette lack chemistry, I find it refreshing that the movie deals with problems of married couples.
September 2, 2017
Not a good SQL that doesn't have the same actors and actresses witch is not good
May 1, 2017
Not as good as the first one there we're different actors and actresses so that was disappointing
August 1, 2016
It's equally good to its predecessor as there are moments (of what most of the first film contains) that were able to bring the level up from the silliness or/and the little more amount of dulls than the first and sort-of being somewhat less charming. (B-)
February 18, 2016
This movie was not that great I did not like the villain in this movie for me I like the first one more there where a few funny parts but still it was not for me. Kids might like it
½ April 27, 2014
I... What... Why... HOW?!?!?!?!?!?!
April 6, 2014
I want the magic of love again.

Clavius has a sneaky ambition to conquer the world. To accomplish this, he needs to capture a gem to execute his magic based plan. He distracts the kingdom by setting random forest fires all over the realm; meanwhile, he executes a plot to kidnap the queen and hold her for ransom for the stone. Our heroes from the first film, Princess Odette and Prince Derek, set off to rescue the queen.

"I'll be in charge of two things: running and hiding."

Richard Rich, director of The Fox and the Hound; Black Cauldron; The Swan Princess 1, 3, 4, and Christmas Special; Alpha and Omega 2, 3, & 4; and The Trumpet of the Swan, delivers The Swan Princess. The storyline for this picture is pretty average and not on par with the first film. The characters were well presented and the animals remained well written. The voices include Douglas Sills, Donald Sage McCast, Michelle Nicastro, and Joey Caman.

"I love holding on for dear life; next to snorkeling, it's one of my favorite activities."

I grabbed this off Netflix when I first discovered the series while looking for cartoons for my daughter. They have been very interesting cartoons for sure. They have a better "medieval" feel to them than a lot of cartoons do (this has a bit more of a gritty feel to it in a Black Cauldron kind of way). The animals keep this film light hearted and entertaining. Overall, this film is above average and worth watching but is likely not worth adding to your child's DVD collection.

"Bye, bye, birdie."

Grade: C+
½ July 2, 2013
Not nearly as good as the first.
April 6, 2013
Different/Not Bad/Kinda Liked...
½ February 26, 2013
A diferencia de su decente predecesora, "The Swan Princess II: Escape from Castle Mountain" es una secuela más barata, corta e infantil y no demuestra ningun aporte importante para los personajes o su historia.
December 7, 2012
Could be worth watching. Will find and devour with my eyes!
½ August 24, 2012
An OK follow up to the first one, it had its funny moments but it was not nearly as good as the first.
½ August 8, 2012
still liked the first one much much better
August 5, 2012
its cute but kinda stupid
June 28, 2012
beautiful, when I saw this cartoon I enjoyed <3 <3 <3
May 28, 2012
me recuerda mi ninez
April 25, 2012
Just when you think the last one was a hailstorm of shit, THIS is just a crime.
April 14, 2012
I don't remember seeing this either.
April 2, 2012
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