The Taking Of Deborah Logan Reviews

May 30, 2019
There is something really unsettling about watching someone, especially an elderly individual, descend into a place that they are clearly never going to come out of.
November 1, 2018
While half of the film is a genuinely spooky and unnerving possession tale, Adam Robitel falls prey to the tropes of found footage movies.
October 19, 2018
Affecting performances and fully realized characters.
August 9, 2016
The latest in a long-line of underwhelming found-footage horror flicks...
September 16, 2015
Not at all original or distinctive in this volatile genre's ever-changing standards, but it is cautious, well-made and so driven by believable performances that it earns more respect than one might have assumed it deserves.
April 16, 2015
it's truly amazing how the film manages to stay fresh and original amidst the sea of what has come before.
February 5, 2015
An unexpectedly solid little horror flick that gets a lot more interesting the longer you give it.
November 4, 2014
The Taking of Deborah Logan or as it was originally called, 'How Found Footage Nearly Wrecked a Solid Horror Romp.'
October 21, 2014
If you're looking for a spooky little film that's free of pretension and sometimes logic and are into getting some quick shivers, you really cannot go wrong with The Taking of Deborah Logan