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March 1, 2016

A sequel, of sorts, to The Housemaid though it is not at all necessary to have watched the Housemaid before seeing The Taste of Money.

Like The Housemaid, the movie has heaps of potential. Family intrigues, corporate corruption, general seediness. The introduction of a new character, Joo Young-Yak, allows for a fresh view on the evil family we met in The Housemaid. Also allows the movie to be watched in isolation.

With this setup, you think that the story should be quite interesting, and initially it is.

However after the good foundation, the movie proceeds to go nowhere. While the family intrigues continue, they don't all make sense. Things just feel contrived.

Ending does nothing to try to tie everything together and is quite pointless.

Performances are decent.
April 10, 2015
Not a good film, but not so bad that it I stopped watching it. The main reason to watch is yet another amazing performance by Yoon Yeo-jeong. But even she can't really save this mess.
Super Reviewer
December 29, 2014
Visually impressive but thematically hollow.  This film didn't do much for me as it was an absolute chore to sit through for most of its running time.  Personally, the story and the character development did absolutely nothing for me.  It's like a South Korean version of Dallas.  Rich people doing deplorable things to other, less fortunate people and each other without facing any of the consequences.  This might sound interesting to some people and, in theory, it probably came across like that.  Execution, though, is another thing entirely.  It just leaves a lot to be desired, there's no real character progression.  I understand Young-jak has a character arc but it's pretty uninteresting.  At first he's tempted by the money and power, then he realizes the corruption that goes along with that and decides he no longer wants a part of it.  That's as much effort as there was put into any.  Oh and the patriarch of the family actually did have the most interesting stuff going on, considering he wants to leave the family in search of the happiness he hasn't in all the years he's been married, but his wife, the head of the family, does not allow him to.  Easily much more interesting than the main character's arc Other than that there's not much going on here.  That's not to mention the tonal shifts that drag the movie down. Sometimes the film has a darkly comic tone, but other times it is completely humorless, almost ridiculously so. Like the scene at the airplane near the end feels like right out of a romantic comedy. Particularly considering the fact that that scene was followed by an incredibly serious moment. This movie clearly does not know what it wants to be. Solid acting and beautiful cinematography don't mean shit when your film is that lacking. I wouldn't recommend this at all, unless you're interested in it visually and technically, other than that, this movie doesn't offer anything.
April 22, 2014
This pseudo-sexual erotic thriller is neither erotic, nor thrilling. It has nothing to offer besides bloated dialogue, cheap nudity and, shallow motives to kill off the characters. Speaking of characters, they're practically made of cardboard.
½ April 5, 2014
A guy desperately attempts to retain at least a portion of his soul while working for a ruthless wealthy family that runs a corrupt mega-corporation. You can just image how that goes for him.
January 13, 2014
Has some head-scratching moments, but engaging enough.
January 13, 2014
Has some head-scratching moments, but engaging enough.
December 8, 2013
Badly written script with poor casting.
March 25, 2013
a korean gangster flick which plays like a shakespearian soap opera. low on the violence and action, high on sex and the narcissistic personality disorders of the 1%. this family is more like the 1% of the 1% and is an astute reminder of how different, and how relative, 'sea level' is for all of us. with a lack of a protagonist to truly root for, the stars for me were the beauty of the impeccably manicured mansion and the estate on which it resides.

reminded of gluttony, i just downed a blueberry muffin AND a maple glazed almond donut. sugar and caffeine flows like a river of supercharged fuel with bursts of endorphin confetti dispersed as if the hindu holiday of holi was being celebrated inside the temple of my body.

November 3, 2012
Stylish film on normal cliche filthy rich family that you may just watch 'Revenge'.
October 8, 2012
What was supposed to be a follow up to Im Sang-soo's The Housemaid turned out to be a duller, campier and less intricate dissecting of South Korea's questionable elite.
October 2, 2012
Story is not the cream. The cream is the slick styling. Worth to see this movie purely for the fine styled house. No exaggeration.
September 13, 2012
You're nothing but 'meats' for your wolf and she-wolf bosses.
½ July 21, 2012
A typical story of a rotten big family, happened in South Korea this time. Looks so disjointed in story telling. Only a bit strange seeing it swinging between drama & comedy throughout the whole frame time.
May 26, 2012
This was ok. It had the combination of things I like in a Korean film: drama, awkward comedy, and a mess of a plot. If you are into drama and enjoy looking at beautiful Asian men then you will absolutely love it. The film is a little too long for its own good but I have to say the creepy ending took me by surprise I just wasn't expecting to get such a fright a the very end of the film. Talk about a second to change the atmosphere. The film is good, not amazing by any means. It's entertaining and definitely well shot. Watching it at the Grand Lumiere was worthy of another star by itself. Thrilling expirience
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