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½ January 26, 2017
Son varias historia, creo si mal no recuerdo, I love You es la única que vale la pena ver.
October 2, 2016
No stars. I like horror anthology movies, but this garbage heap is one I'd wished I'd ignored. I hate every story, I hate the terrible performances, I hate the jumbled writing, I hate the tone deaf direction, I hate the cheap soundtrack, and above all, I hate the absolute lack of SCARES. This movie is disgusting, sure. Upsetting...disturbing...diseased even...but NOT SCARY!!! And also not fun. I haven't the faintest idea who would enjoy sitting through this headache inducing parade of unlikable characters and confusing stories. It's obviously not me though. But I'm a fan of "Creepshow" and "VHS." Where there were scares and stories and SOMETHING of some sort. Not just all this dead air. I recommend those instead. Skip this. You will live a happy healthy life without this, trust me.
½ April 16, 2016
6 bizarre story's in 1movie ... this time there were a couple of story's dad even made my stumic turn around . The Willy for Breakfast ....The woman catching fluid of the victims eyeballs ....The girl who stuff up a guy with sweets like a pig , Yek ! SOMDVD
½ September 18, 2015
This was a rather classy horror anthology featuring some fairly big names in the indie horror field both in front of and behind the camera, and I'm happy to have finally given it a spin for my Halloween 2014 viewing.

Well worth tracking down.
September 7, 2015
Look what I found at the bottom of the barrel! A watchable B-Grade shocker anthology that survived my fragile attention span.
½ June 23, 2015
As is usual with horror anthologies like this one, there are more misses than hits.
½ April 27, 2015
The stories get progressively less interesting, although Udo's performance took me a bit to realize, and as always he was fantastic.
½ April 8, 2015
Siempre he encontrado interesante las antologías de terror ya que el menor coste de producción hace posible que cineastas jóvenes (o viejas glorias) exploren ideas más complejas, interesantes, o que simplemente no aguantarían la duración de un largo.

En The Theatre Bizarre esto sigue cumpliéndose y en la mayoría de los casos, los cortos que se nos muestran ideas muy interesantes, incluso cuando te puedes esperar como va a terminar la jugada. A veces es la trama, a veces por cómo se ha estructurado el guión. "I Love You", "Visions Stains" o "The Accident" son una prueba de ello.

¿Lo malo con esta película? Que la dirección, fotografía, realización, edición, interpretación, etc...son horrendas. En algunos casos casi parece que estamos ante cortos de unos estudiantes con su trabajo final de carrera. Las interpretaciones son realmente abismales, y eso que contamos con el maestro Udo Kier, que tampoco se salva. Es más me resulta imposible creer que Tom Savini, que casi consigue superar al maestro Romero con su remake de La Noche de los Muertos Vivientes, haya sido de crear un corto TAAAN mal planteado, rodado, e interpretado (casi parece hecho a desgana...y él sale en él!).

El único que se salva medianamente es The Accident, por como plantea su trama, lo bien rodado que está y su música...pero aun así se me antoja un poco críptico y anticlimático.

March 15, 2015
In the vein of Tales from the Crypt or Creepshow, The Theatre Bizarre gives us a collection of horror stories. Some are good, some are ridiculous (the candy one? What the hell was that?). The theatre itself was the scariest part. It's okay for horror buffs, that's about it.
½ July 27, 2014
Some decent stories, but nothing special.
June 10, 2014
An extremely well rounded anthology film. You will find everything you need. Take it as a ride. Go for it. Enjoy each moment. Some will scare you, make you laugh, sit at the edge of your seat, touch you, turn away in disgust and laugh again. It's well worth it to see it.
½ March 17, 2014
Although the idea is good, the stories are not as frightening.
½ February 4, 2014
I almost quit on this one because the acting in the first story was just horrendous. It got better in the later chapters. The last couple were almost good.
½ December 15, 2013
An engaging horror anthology film that brings together some of the most daring film directors today; A young woman wanders inside a old, decrepit theatre where a bizarre puppet hosts six acts of the dark, grotesque, and sexually perverse.
December 11, 2013
Very strange movie (Netflex)
½ December 1, 2013
Kind of reminded me of Tales from the Crypt
November 17, 2013
One line summary: Five of the six shorts were good in this horror anthology.


This is an anthology.

Theatre Guignol: The overarching segment. A young obsessed sleepless woman goes across the street in the dead of night and goes into a theatre lightly populated with life sized puppets. The puppets introduce her to the following six stories.

The Mother Of Toads: Set in Mirepoix which is near the Pyrenees in southern France. A young couple takes pictures of wood carvings of pagan gods. The woman wants a pair of earrings, which depict an image from HP Lovecraft's works. The vendor claims to have a true copy of the Necronomicon at another site. They drive there; Katrina goes to a nearby spa while Martin talks to the vendor, samples the local (drugged) wine, and leafs through the book. Katrina's return is not a happy one. The next day, Martin has a glimpse of what he spent the night with. He goes looking for Katrina.

I Love You: Set in Berlin, Germany. Axel wakes up with a bloody cut on his hand. He has no idea why. Mo shows up to get a few things before she leaves him. They talk; she's a multiple betrayer, he's a controlling idiot, she's too young for him. Did I forget lying witch? It does not end well.

Wet Dreams: Donnie accidentally slugs Carla when he wakes up from a nightmare. Dr. Maurey asks him about the nightmare of a beautiful girl who coaxes him to bed, only to emasculate him with her 'Lovecraftian' vagina. The Dr. tells him a strategy for interrupting the nightmares, so Donnie tries it. It fails; instead, he dreams of the other times he's hit Carla, and of her suicide attempt. The doctor's wife Maxine and Donnie did some things together; the doctor and Carla settle scores.

The Accident: Mother talks about death with her young Daughter: growing old, being in accidents, Old Yeller. Sad tale, nicely done.

Vision Stains: Junkie girl shoots up in an alley. The writer uses a surgical procedure to steal the dying visions of the junkies she murders. In this short, she first murders the junkie girl, and writes up her experiences. Then she murders an old homeless woman. The writer despises men, and kills women only, because the women have suffered more and better, somehow. Right, sure, whatever your excuses are for serial murder. The writer gets quite a surprise when she injects fluid from the belly of a pregnant woman.

Sweets: Estelle and Greg are a couple drowning in sweet food. Estelle created the circumstances in which they find themselves; now she rejects it. Greg's hopelessly in love, and cries a lot while trying to bargain his way out of this trap. Estelle and a new friend Antonia go to an exclusive food club and talk about moderation. The club kills Greg, guts him to general applause, then eats various parts of him raw.


Cinematography: 10/10 Excellent.

Sound: 9/10 Fine.

Acting: 8/10 Enjoyable, by and large. Liked Udo Keir in particular. The Mother and Daughter actors in 'The Accident' were wonderful.

Screenplay: 9/10 Well-made horror anthology.
October 1, 2013
An anthology of bizarre tales--Lives up to it's title!!
August 1, 2013
a couple not-great stories but overall awesome!
July 8, 2013
It's definitely a "wow that was so much better than I expected" type of film. While anthology movies are mainly hit and miss, this movie is mainly a hit with being exactly what you would expect from an indie art-house horror film. "I Love You" is a generic drama short with a pretty substantial plot twist and well done ending. "The Accident" is a tear-jerking look at life and death that is done very intricately. "Vision Stains" is a brutal and disturbing sci-fi tale, "Sweets" is a disgustingly delightful look at food fetishes, "Wet Dreams" is a Lovecraftian penis chopping Tom Savini tale, and the one about the toad was probably the weakest and I can't even remember the name of it. Overall, it's a great film if you know what you're getting yourself into.
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