Jul 14, 2020
Sometimes, the whole thing can be a drag. Then The Turning can suddenly hit you with some of the best Australian filmmaking seen in years.
Mar 20, 2019
While it demands substantial concentration from the audience, this elegant and suspenseful epic more than rewards the effort.
Nov 9, 2015
If nothing else, The Turning is probably value for money. Quantity counts for something, after all, as do good intentions. But they can't ever fully satisfy.
Feb 9, 2015
Winton is important to Australian culture, but a less fragmented, reverent approach would serve his work better.
Feb 8, 2015
The films are rich and diverse, moving from the warm humour of Cate Blanchett reconnecting with her mother-in-law to a battered Rose Byrne having visions of Jesus.
Feb 6, 2015
Life-changing moments feature in each of the nine short films in this Australian anthology, and each is told with remarkable artistry and sensitivity.
Feb 5, 2015
The film rewards the patient, with the most compelling entries stacked in the back half.
Feb 5, 2015
The cream of Australian acting talent features in this portmanteau picture, based on interlinking short stories by Tim Winton.
Feb 5, 2015
The Turning is a collection of nine short films based on Tim Winton's stories, some of which are more satisfying than others but in all they give a sense of Australian landscape and life at the edges.
Feb 5, 2015
It was first conceived as an art project, and is perhaps best viewed that way.
Feb 5, 2015
Even at the level of the individual short film it looks disconcertingly unfinished and unformed, each piece seeming like a sketch for something bigger.
Feb 5, 2015
There's much to admire in this compilation of Australian short films, but the run-time is far too punishing.
Feb 3, 2015
The stories and their themes are depicted as Joycean-style epiphanies or meditations on being and time.
Feb 2, 2015
An adaptation of Australian author Tim Winton's 2005 collection of short stories, The Turning is a beguiling piece of storytelling.
Jan 26, 2015
With each episode produced by its own individual creative team, the lack of continuity can disorientate. But it's this daring mix of styles that gives The Turning its creative energy and distinct off-kilter flavour.
Apr 6, 2014
Cate Blanchett and Rose Byrne desperate housewives down under. And as much an ordeal for admittedly clueless audiences unfamiliar with the source material as for the characters. But for those with patience, the periodic pleasures of these bracing yarns.
Jan 8, 2014
Ambition shines through every frame of The Turning.
Oct 15, 2013
Who knew that the next great Australian film would actually be a constellation of 17 smaller ones? It's not easy viewing but it is beautiful viewing.
Oct 12, 2013
The work creates its own rhythms and moods, and weaves a rich tapestry of human experience that keeps us engaged. That is the film's achievement
Oct 12, 2013
The film's striking landscape is like a winding road that links the thoughts, ideas and senses evoked by Tim Winton's stories as themes of regret, guilt and renewal wind their way through the diverse narratives