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April 4, 2018
i have had absolutely no problem with any twilight movie
½ November 23, 2017
Its the best twilight movie... Kristen Stewert is more into her role as Bella and the climax was a nice twist compared to the book. ??
October 31, 2017
Finally, the final twilight movie.
August 13, 2017
One of my favorite movies to watch
½ July 12, 2017
This was my favorite book to movie adaption so for this franchise, but I still couldn't give it 3 stars.
June 17, 2017
The fifth and finally the last one ... Best thing about this movie? The soundtrack from Christina Perri...
June 17, 2017
I want to watch it agin
½ April 21, 2017
they should call this " breaking wind ".
April 11, 2017
The Twilight saga finally concludes with Breaking Dawn: Part 2, ending the YA (young adult) series in a mess of confusion and lack of emotional impact. Our main characters grimly prepare for possible war with their vampire government, the Volturi, who object to Bella and Edward's vampire child being born from her when she was human. The love triangle that's lasted almost the entire series is over by now, which as annoying as it was, still made for some drama in the previous films. The werewolf Jacob's continued involvement with Bella and Edward's lives is explained by him unintentionally "imprinting" on their newborn baby daughter, essentially forming an unbreakable werewolf bond with Bella's infant, and therefore is not able to leave her side. Just when these movies couldn't seem to get any more bizarre, a werewolf has fallen in love with a vampire baby.

Misguided plot points aside, this movie feels the least exciting or tense of any in the series. The fight for Bella's love by the two boys is over, so the tension and suspense in this final installment relies on a vague threat by their vampire government, which *Spoilers* doesn't actually result in anything happening anyway. While Breaking Dawn: Part 1 was a joyless, painful-to-watch mess, at least some things were happening. BD: Part 2 must rely on the only scene of action in the whole film, which later turns out to be fake, to give the illusion that a climax has happened. When this final action scene is revealed to be just a projected vision by a character who can see the future, the entire theater cried out in anger and disappointment. Including it was the right choice however, as it would have actually been the most dull and boring film ever made. This was the franchise's last con on their audience, once again reminding us that these movies have no purpose, meaning, or emotional depth to them. They have shamelessly pandered, and eventually insulted, the masses of young fans who got caught up in this romance a long time ago. Any excitement or emotion from before has been long gone by this point.

The whole concept of making two parts of the Breaking Dawn book was set up for failure, as anyone who read the novel would know that the plot essentially ends after the point where the first BD film ends. Anticipating the Volturi was all that was left, leaving this film to plod along in pointless scenes of people who look like Abercrombie & Fitch models talking in rooms of their nice house, eventually reminding us at the film's end that these movies are supposed to consist of supernatural romance adventures. The audience erupts in forced applause after the manipulative ending, literally showing a slideshow of Edward and Bella's life from previous films, in order to remind the audience that this is supposed a love story. BD: Part 2 has little romance and only one action scene, which again didn't actually occur, and otherwise bored to tears. The audience is supposed to buy into the con that there is something worthwhile here, it's just not convincing enough to even accomplish the illusion of a real story. The only way this movie could possibly be recommended to anyone who is of sound mind would be for an it's-so-bad-it's-good-so-lets-laugh-at-it kind of viewing. The characters are bland and have nothing to do. The dialogue is painful to listen to, and the decently executed fight scene at the end was squandered by it not being real, making this the shallowest and most pathetic major release in a long time.


(review originally posted on release, but has since been edited and improved by author on April 11, 2017)
March 22, 2017
The worse movie ever...
February 1, 2017
Part 2 the best out the lot!
February 1, 2017
It's worth is for that fight scene. The fight scene that never happened in the book and that you never saw coming. They just put it in this fucking film and it made it worthwhile.
January 17, 2017
Surprisingly good. I believe I only saw the first two of this franchise and then never saw the rest. I still don't know if I'll see the rest...

Minus one star for whatever cgi effect they used for the baby and the Renesme - uber creepy!
½ January 16, 2017
The whole vampire and wolf thing wasn't enough now they have to have some kind of super hero like power. Ehh.
December 29, 2016
Just want to start off saying that I was not expecting anything spectacular out of this installment at all, none of the Twilight movies really blew me away. Nevertheless, the series was ending and I was anxious on how they would "fix" the horror that was the 4th Twilight book. And let me tell you, I was not expecting to be as emotionally affected as I was.
The first half of the movie was pretty good, pretty same old same old Twilight with Bella and Edward. But we got some rly cool moments with new vampires, and Cullen family/Edward & Jacob banter. Not to mention the acting seemed to be much improved!
Now the second half/the battle is rly what hit me in the gut. As u know in the book, they talked out their situation which I thought was a major cop out... But in the film there is actually a battle.... And I actually cried. Seriously, I NEVER EVER thought I'd cry in a Twilight film. I teared up, was shaking, in shock, and angry because of the battle. So intense. Once I got thro that, I was okay. The ending I thought was quite beautiful, they showed each actor that was in the entire saga. So without giving stuff away, I would just urge anyone to see it.
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December 24, 2016
I'm surprised that this final chapter does have something to say after many movies about nothing, but while things do happen for a change and the climax is urgent and exciting, we are hit by a ridiculous twist that makes it collapse entirely to the ground. At least it is finally over.
November 6, 2016
I Cannot Believe How Terrible This Was. A Bunch Of New Characters Thrown Into The Mix Right At The Very End, So You Have To Sift Through All Their Back-Stories In Tedious & Soapie-Styled Acting Fashion. The Final Showdown In The Snow Plains Of The Canadian Rockies Just Make You Go "Right, Can We Just Get This Over With Already!!?"..After A Load Of Speeches, Brooding Looks..It All Ends In Carnage. Finally Done. Over & Finished With. What A Slog.
½ October 15, 2016
My favourite of all of them. Full of action. Brilliant film.
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½ October 4, 2016
Bella awakens to her new life as a vampire, her eyes now glowing red and her complexion pale and delicate. She picks up things she has never noticed before, her senses alive and super charged for the first time. Her vision has pinpoint accuracy, her hearing detects the tiniest sounds and her agility is now superhuman. She runs off into the forest with Edward to experience her new vampiric abilities. As she sprints through the trees at top speed, she sees nature in all its beauty, like never before with her new vampire vision. Everything can be seen in slow motion, the insects flying, the flowers blooming, she can hear various small wildlife buzzing, clicking and calling.

Yes, nature and its creatures seen and heard for the first time perfectly in all their glory, beauty, majesty...and then she rips out its throat.

The big finale to the epic 'Twilight' series finally dawns (hehe) upon us, the limp tale continues from where it left off. Unfortunately this means we go straight back into the vampire soap opera we had to put up with in the last deary instalment. Its not as bad as the last film in that sense, at least this time we have 'Bella' getting used to her new vampire skills and scowling EVEN more than normal. On the down side we still have Jacob sexually frustrated because he can't do it doggy style with Bella and lots of average young actors with lots of poorly done heavy face makeup.

The effects are still pretty damn ropy all the way through, the CGI is near laughable in most sequences with terrible special vampire skill sequences of super speed. The wolves look like cartoons and characters look like ragdolls when knocked about in the air or where ever.

Worst new effect must be the new born child, was that thing CGI? it bloody looked like it. Jesus that looked eerie, I think it was either a fully CGI baby or a real baby with a CGI face! good god!, no wonder everyone thought it was evil.

The plot on the whole is much more interesting than the last film, overall this film is better than the last as that was terrible. Its all just a prolonged build up to the big fight at the end, but even that isn't entirely as it seems. Anyway the fight has been talked about a lot but frankly I don't see why. Sure its probably the best thing in the entire franchise but its hardly worth waiting for. Plenty of heads being ripped off and arms torn from their sockets whilst vampires and wolves go down in a flurry of sparkly action, but in no way is any of it original or really exciting.

I thought the whole bit about gathering vampire friends from around the world quite amusing, basically a recruitment montage. Its fun but highly generic and cliched, the amazonian female vampires in their tribal outfits, never thought Egypt would have vampires, one bloke from the American Revolution period who doesn't shut up about it (you'd think he would have let that go after a few hundred years) and the hilariously cliched Irish vampires complete with flatcaps, scarfs and dowdy, drab clothes that looked like poor labourers.

I've said before this franchise isn't as bad as many say and I will still stand by that. The first film was OK, second was fair and third was a bit better than them both, best not to talk of the pointless fourth. Yes the film is still chock full of sulky looking younglings, cheesy ass panto style makeup, lots of brooding, lots of dialog about things only the book readers will know of (or if you can remember from the last films, I couldn't), characters that pop up outta nowhere (I lost track), vampires that look and dress like pupils from 'Hogwarts' and of course Miss Stewart doing her best grimacing/pouting ever!

As you can guess the fans will love and probably mums with their daughters too. The franchise was always just an excuse for mums/daughters/teen girls to see some fit firm young men in very very soft acceptable porn, tastefully done of course. I'm sure its close to the source material and it has been good in places but it is a weak romantic tale really, drawn out over five films.

And what is the deal with Jacob? the dude isn't romantically involved with Bella anymore, but he still wants it doesn't he, doesn't he? Bella still keeps him around why? for threesomes? just to look at his nice body? to abuse him? He gets a raw deal if you ask me, he gets to babysit their kid and generally be a dogsbody forever whilst watching Bella and Edward get it on. Maybe he likes that?

This final episode is like the first three, its average and just about kept my attention although the originality of the original is of course long gone. A nice end credits sequence ties everything up in a sweet lovable girly bow, but will we see more of this supernatural heartbreaker? or is it indeed finished...forever?
September 11, 2016
Good movie but not as good as the book.
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