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March 27, 2013
Thank God This Is This Last One
½ September 27, 2010
I really don't understand how these movies were so huge when they were so truly awful. I only watched this to see if it could some how get better but it definitely didn't.
½ September 9, 2012
All of the unintentional laughs and surprisingly thrilling final battle don't over come the bullshit ending and the usual bullshit.
October 1, 2011
Like how final films goes to bring a franchise's storytelling come to an end, it ought to be the best with more entertaining values, especially if the case belongs to the Twilight Saga as this finale is the saga's actual entertainment whilst raising the bar slightly. It presents its aspects to the best abilities with some efforts and a sense in being epic in some ways to provide something for the general audience that are outsiders of the fan base. The film offers the heart and the dynamics - including the energy separately - humor, and action in better fitting, while the romantic taste is for the fans' complete satisfaction in that direction. Furthermore as a bonus treat, it's also a homage. It's an overall satisfying conclusion to another unforgettable series, even if it's obviously, predictably far from the superior Harry Potter finale. (B+)

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November 7, 2015
I did need closure with this one, and also a desperate want for Bella to take her destiny into her own hands after being the subject of love's whim for four movies. I also felt a mounting sense of excitement that she finally had some power (physically and interpersonally) and was making solid decisions of her own. Then due to the presence of the new child (who I rather unfortunately spent most of the viewing trying to work out when she was CGIed and when she wasn't) there's an utterly epic climactic fight scene between all allied to the Cullen faction and their enemies in the Voltari and I found it completely worth the wait and the enduring the silliness of the time I'd spent watching the rest, and then... Oh for fuck's sake. Turns out the epic fight scene DIDN'T ACTUALLY HAPPEN AT ALL. A total let down and I found myself saying, "RAAAARGH!" to the screen and shaking my fist in impotent rage. Then it descended into self-referential sentiment. Stewart is more watchable in this - at least she appears to be more comfortable as a supernatural entity. Same old same old for Pattinson and Lautner. Greene and Burke of course are their usual outstanding selves, as is Reaser this time around. Fanning and Sheen also stand out as hateable antagonists. What's really great to see though is the multicultural nature of the friends of the Cullen family, especially the Egyptians.
½ November 4, 2015
The "grand finale" of Twilight to come, breaking dawn Part 2 narrowly beat its predecessor, the plot begins to make sense (or entertainment) this second part is not perfect, is still ridiculous and cheesy, but the final battle was funny, absurd and entertaining. It is not the end worthy to remember (Not that the saga is a masterpiece) but is no doubt more entertaining that "New Moon" "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn Part 1"

Review en Español:
El "gran final" de Twilight a llegado, Breaking Dawn Part 2 supera por poco a su antecesora, la trama comienza a tener sentido (o entretenimiento) esta segunda parte no es perfecta, sigue siendo ridícula y cursi, pero la batalla final fue divertida, absurda y entretenida. No es un final digno de recordar (Tampoco es que la saga sea una obra maestra) pero sin duda alguna es mas entretenida que "New Moon" "Eclipse" y "Breaking Dawn Part 1"
October 15, 2015
April 8, 2013
I LOVED it! And so did the whole family! Great movie and the ending was the best!!
August 29, 2015
Crushingly bad dialogue throughout makes this hokkum of the lowest order. Seriously, this taking one for the team (i.e. kids). The best (i.e. least painful) bit isn't even in the book. Facepalmingly awful.
August 16, 2015
I like the new array of vampire characters. Still, its not a good character and the only exciting part comes at the end. Only to find out that it was all a dream!
August 16, 2015
This one was very different from the book but in a very pleasant way! It was exciting and the best one in the Saga. Plot twist! Action, love, and a little adventure. This has a wonderful ending especially the way they recap everything for the fans.
½ August 7, 2015
El "gran final" de Twilight a llegado, Breaking Dawn Part 2 supera por poco a su antecesora, la trama comienza a tener sentido (o entretenimiento) esta segunda parte no es perfecta, sigue siendo ridícula y cursi, pero la batalla final fue divertida, absurda y entretenida. No es un final digno de recordar (Tampoco es que la saga sea una obra maestra) pero sin duda alguna es mas entretenida que "New Moon" "Eclipse" y "Breaking Dawn Part 1"
½ July 19, 2015
Silly, but entertainingly so.
½ June 29, 2015
Based on the previous movies in the series.
June 18, 2015
Is Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 the best of the entire movie series

Twilight breaking dawn part 2 is a great suspense-filled romantic fantasy movie that to me sums up the entire movie series in an amazing way. Here?s why. The final installment of the movie series, aside from the fact that it?s my personal favorite movie, features Jacob, a werewolf who is able to imprint on Renesmee (imprinting is kind of a werewolf thing meaning to deeply fall in love with a person to the point where nothing else matters to your world but them) Bella?s daughter. We all know that almost throughout the entire series Jacob had always wanted Bella to love him but she chose Edward who happens to be a vampire. To see that Jacob is not at a total loss and was able to imprint on Renesmee in the end after all he did for Bella is kind of heartwarming. Although I personally feel like the writer making that change about the character Jacob was kind of an obvious compensation to him for the sacrifices he made for Bella during the course of the story which to me kind of seemed pathetic.
Another reason it sums up the entire story is that it brought all past characters who were portrayed as villains together to stand by the Cullens in order to protect Renesmee from destruction by the Volturi, rulers of the vampire world, in Italy they are led by Aro. They believed that she was a half-breed and a danger and threat to the entire vampire world and humans, but after a witness was brought out who happens to be a half-breed as well and managed to live peacefully without being a danger to anyone. Alice revealed her vision about the battle she foresaw to Aro. They decided to let Renesmee and her family live because Aro discovered that if the Volturi did go to battle it was not going to end well for either party.
In comparison to the other movies in the series, breaking dawn part 2 to me is the most action packed, suspenseful with the best special effects. The final scene where Alice reveals her vision to the Volturi and they engage in battle was to me the most action packed fight scene. The breaking off of the heads of the vampires, the splitting of the snowy ground which had vampires and other werewolves falling into it, along with the combat skills of the actors at the battle ground were exceptional. For example, when Edward and Bella fought with Aro and broke off his head. The Twilight breaking dawn part 2 was also filled with a lot of awesome special effects with high flying vampires and werewolves and literally ground breaking performances by the actors. The suspense at the end before finding out that it was all just a vision and it didn?t really take place was just breath taking for me.
The special make-up on Renesmee that shows how fast she was growing as per one of the characteristics of being a half-breed was on point. Also the difference in Bella?s make-up after she transformed into a vampire made her look come together with the new abilities she has as a vampire. Another reason I love this movie and also why it?s the best is that we get to see Bella finally as a vampire and aside from that this movie has the most powerful vampire from the entire series which is Bella being the most powerful of all the Cullen vampires..
To me this final movie sums up the entire movie series in an amazing way and it is the highest rated in box office of all the others and was the most seen in cinemas during its release compared to the others. It truly is an amazing movie and definitely one to watch.
June 13, 2015
La conclusion de l'interminable saga Twilight est un condensé des quatre premiers films : Breaking Dawn Part II est loin d'être un mauvais film tant on sent l'envie de Bill Condon de faire un film soigné et rempli de fan service pour tous les fans des livres. Cependant, pour les néophytes, en dehors des 30 dernières minutes, on s'ennuie quelque peu devant les préparations d'une bataille qui n'a plus aucune raison d'arriver. Encore une fois, les acteurs principaux sont assez médiocres et il faut aller chercher dans le supporting cast (où on trouve Rami Malek, Lee Pace ou encore Wendell Pierce) pour voir de bonnes performances. Les SFX sont toujours aussi risibles (PG-13, sans doute) et le twist est un peu abruti. Il en reste qu'à la fin du film, il est impossible de le ranger avec l'abominable troisième opus ni avec les deux premiers, qui étaient plutôt réussis.
May 31, 2015
Something happens at the end, and it's not just everyone's go-to facial expression.
November 15, 2012
Critics will hate. General Population says otherwise.
January 27, 2015
Good conclusion to the series after "Part 1" (like most Part 1's in this cultural Part 1 phenomenon) was a bit boring. (I marathoned the series in one day, so I had seen eight or nine hours of "Twilight" in one day up until this point. Still thought it was great.)
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