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May 27, 2016
Has a nice twist at the end, the ending itself is good,(do keep in mind, some people may find it disappointing, I found it a tad bit disappointing as well) and the last chapter (Breaking Dawn Part 2) in the many twilight movies, sends off the franchise (finally) in a good way.
April 11, 2016
the trailer looks good but I would like to see the full movie and its not on any movie sites not even Netflix !! I would like to see the the full movie sorry but it's only a star rating of 2 ...
April 3, 2016
I loved this film and all the rest of the twilight saga films was really good
½ April 2, 2016
i can't wait for part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
½ March 31, 2016
Okay I'm not going to review this movie by the ending like everyone else is. Think about the story line that was actually good.
March 23, 2016
*--best part of twilight.. this is certain.. yet not good enough
March 20, 2016
loved it even tho it strayed from the book
March 10, 2016
Sloppy teen-romance, disgrace to the horror of vampires, dumb moments, poor acting, terrible dialog, too many pauses, yaddayadda. This one has the most unintentional hilarious moments. It continues to make no sense, and is long overdrawn, but it's ends the franchise. Go back to real vampires.
February 11, 2016
This is probably the only film in the entire franchise where the filmmakers tried to make the action look exciting. Nevertheless, the dull characters remain dull and the wooden acting remains wooden.
February 6, 2016
It's amazing love it so much
January 28, 2016
January 25, 2016
A couple friends and I already have our tickets. Can?t wait. It will be a great girls day out.
½ January 22, 2016
½ January 20, 2016
Oh that twist was ever so disappointing. They really had something there until that happened...
½ January 18, 2016
It's surprisingly more entertaining than the others. Still stupid
January 18, 2016
amazing! love them all
January 9, 2016
Thank God This Is This Last One
½ December 31, 2015
I really don't understand how these movies were so huge when they were so truly awful. I only watched this to see if it could some how get better but it definitely didn't.
December 26, 2015
Can't wait to see this.
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