Aug 18, 2021
The verve, dramatic propulsion and sense of evil that informed Polanski's Chinatown are largely missing from The Two Jakes. But it is, for all its murkiness, an intelligent, enjoyable noir thriller.
Aug 18, 2021
As a thriller, The Two Jakes proves impossible to follow; as an exercise in retro style, it glows with sullen beauty. Forties suits, ties, two-tone shoes: everything is in place, bathed in hard-edged gloom.
Aug 18, 2021
In short, The Two Jakes, combining the best of the old and the best of the new, is one helluva good movie.
Aug 13, 2017
Nicholson's turn as Gittes is enjoyable, but it never quite feels like the same man from Chinatown. Yet The Two Jakes is admirably dense in a manner that's satisfying rather than frustrating.
Mar 25, 2017
The Two Jakes is the best Chinatown sequel anyone could reasonably expect, and it's very much worth a look.
Sep 7, 2011
Nov 8, 2007
The Two Jakes allows Nicholson to reprise one of his most memorable characters as a way of seeing whether he's still got it.
Oct 1, 2007
Aug 30, 2004
Points out that we may think we're done with the past but it almost never is done with us.
Feb 10, 2004
Jan 13, 2004
Oct 23, 2003
Of course it's no "Chinatown," but it is satisfyingly moody and atmospheric.
Feb 9, 2003
Sep 11, 2002
Jan 1, 2000
It's not a thriller and it's not a whodunit, although it contains thriller elements and at the end we do find out whodunit. It's an exquisite short story about a mood, and a time, and a couple of guys who are blind-sided by love.
Aug 10, 1990