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½ May 24, 2016
A really bad showing from some good talents.
May 18, 2016
was going ok until the aliens came
April 30, 2016
August 2nd 2012
December 30th 2012
August 13th 2013
February 19th 2014
April 27th 2016
½ April 27, 2016
The funny antics and outlandish plot make The Watch uneven, but also unique. It is a good comedy with some laughable scenes.
April 20, 2016
I actually really enjoyed this movie. It was very funny and I laughed quite a bit but the humor was very vulgar. The plot was unique and the characters were funny. I could actually stand Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller in this.
April 15, 2016
Actually pretty funny and original. Not the annoying funny like most Stiller/Vaughn comedies but more of the slapstick funny.
½ April 5, 2016
Had some funny moments good cast
½ February 16, 2016
120810: I'm going to start calling these "crossovers" or "hybrids"; where a movie jumps from one genre to another, and sometimes back again, like this one. Comedy and science fiction, this film has both, and I found it almost unsettling. There are some good laughs to be had, throughout the whole movie. Laugh out loud moments actually but I also found myself uncomfortable from time to time. It was fun but then would skip into a more serious tone, or a battle scene (with pretty decent special effects I must say). Didn't enjoy Stiller. Hill and Ayoade were great. As for Vaughn, he was good at times but I was just a bit disturbed by his character's behaviour. Perhaps it was flashbacks but I just don't seem to enjoy people who jump from one mood to another, especially when that mood appears angry or psychotic...unstable. Well, that's about it. I see it's not getting high ratings so you better really want laughs. It's got many but nowhere near as satisfying as "That's My Boy". Perhaps save it for a rental.
January 22, 2016
The Watch
The four leads magically change this plain film into a fun sci-fi film
December 31, 2015
From the trailer, this movie looks like they will offer a lot of fun for the audiences who watch this movie.. But after I spent 100 minutes watching this movie, I just wanna say that this movie is nothing but another Ben Stiller stereotypical movie of comedy, the difference was it tells story about alien.. The performance from the cast was a decent performance, except for Jonah Hill who kinda steal my attention with his performance in this movie.. Overall, it just a decent watch..
½ December 27, 2015
Kinda goofy but funny. A good movie to watch once, if you can get it for free.
December 25, 2015
pretty goofy film with a surprising amount of heart for being an empty run of the mill comedy. I was also surprised by how elaborate the special effects were. That, matched with the all-star comic cast, I trust this must be a handsomely-budgeted movie.

I thought it brought out some great work from Vaughn, and gave each role a chance to contribute their own brand of humor. But, this is still a pretty dumbass movie that will fritter away from my memory within the next several days. i guess its just not as bad as you'd expect.
December 23, 2015
It's a crap movie. But a wonderful crap movie! I laughed a lot, my favorite actors were in it, and there was a surprise twist! What's not to love?
December 20, 2015
It's like Mars Attack, only maybe a bit funnier and has all the dicky references that it's impossible to take this seriously. Plot twist though...
½ October 30, 2015
Not entirely terrible, but not good at all.
October 24, 2015
The script is awful, the story is even worse. It had a couple parts I laughed at, and some of the SciFi scenes were cool. That's about it. Won't be remembering this one.
October 22, 2015
funny movie great cast
½ October 3, 2015
There is too much rubbish talk and the dialogue is not even slightly funny. There is a plot but everything has to be rewritten to make it watchable. If "The watch" is intended to be a satire, it fails big time. It is only a bunch of idiots running around irritating the audience.
October 3, 2015
The Watch is one sick gag after another lacking intelligence and meaning. A great talented comedic cast is squashed by a boring and terrible script. It was painful to sit through the first time, I will not be watching it again.
½ September 23, 2015
Jonah Hill has some great one liners in this movie. Not as bad as the 17% critic score. I've seen a lot of movies that are worse.
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