The Water Diviner Reviews

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August 14, 2019
While Crowe the actor has impressive screen presence and conveys grief with subtlety, Crowe the director errs on the side of caution in this conservatively directed feature, which splutters along...
March 14, 2019
The film's got issues, but it's a sincere, mournful celebration of a country that turned the pain of loss into strength.
August 30, 2018
Trying to do too much, and losing the humanity in his story, The Water Diviner is just a mess.
March 16, 2018
Once again the character representative of Christianity shows only selfish, shallow callousness while the character representative of Islam offers a well-spring of peace, rest, and reoriented perspective for the weary Western protagonist's soul.
January 12, 2018
There are some good scenes in Crowe's directorial debut, but it mostly feels like a fumbled opportunity to make a much more significant film.
October 16, 2017
There's no such elegance in The Water Diviner. Crowe's performance is great but he's basically a bull in a china shop, rampaging gracelessly through the emotionally reductive landscape of his film.
August 22, 2017
It's the cinematic equivalent of switching between 40 open tabs on your computer for two hours.
May 11, 2017
This is a movie lacking in life or vibrancy, or any real emotions for us to actually connect to or relate to the characters; it is enamoured by its subject matter and as such tries to make itself too respectful.
February 24, 2016
[This is] for the tiresome cynics who think that many films aren't about anything anymore, and would rather a film be definitively about something, than any good overall.
November 12, 2015
The Water Diviner feels almost too careful in its desire to hit all the right notes and do justice to all sides. Which makes it more of a war memorial than a living, breathing movie.
May 26, 2015
Crowe loses his ground with a pretentious plot that slowly becomes a love odyssey that just ends up being cheesy. [full review in Spanish]
April 29, 2015
I think Crowe wanted to make a film that brought to mind David Lean and John Huston. But, as we all know, they don't make them like they used to. If he accomplishes anything with this movie, it's to remind us that's mainly because they can't.
April 26, 2015
"The Water Diviner" is an uneven effort by first-time director Russell Crowe, and the occasionally preposterous screenplay by Andrew Knight and Andrew Anastasios doesn't exactly help Crowe as director, either.
April 24, 2015
Russell Crowe's towering performance makes up for his directorial shortcomings.
April 24, 2015
Crowe, who's been having a rough time finding his footing again for a decade now, underplays his role so self-consciously that when he wants us to feel his pain, all we feel is his ego. He fails to move us. And so does The Water Diviner.
April 24, 2015
It's clear that Russell Crowe has poured his heart and soul into the historical romance The Water Diviner, his first feature as a director. If only the film were better.
April 24, 2015
A sloggy, heartfelt piece of quasi-magical realist storytelling.
April 24, 2015
Violent WWI-era drama wastes story's potential.
April 24, 2015
Crowe needs, badly, a director to push back against his default mode: The script for The Water Diviner posits that Joshua Connor is the most interesting man in the frame at all times, but Crowe's performance doesn't earn that.
April 24, 2015
A diviner is a person who can predict the future, but that doesn't excuse why The Water Diviner was predictable and lacking fluidity.
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