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The Way Back Quotes

  • Valka: Grateful is for dogs.

  • Mr. Smith: Kindness--that can kill you here.

  • Valka: You say too many prayers for an innocent man.

  • Janusz: A free man died here today.
    Valka: Still, one less mouth to feed... What?

  • Valka: You don't know what Stalin means?! It means ''Man of Steel''!!!
    Valka: Don't you know what 'Stalin' means, funny man? Means man-of-steel.

  • Valka: Were lost.
    Valka: We're lost.

  • Mr. Smith: If your thinkin about makin a run for it....I'm with ya
    Mr. Smith: If your thinkin' about makin a run for it....I'm with ya.

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