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A deadbeat loser takes over his uncle's job of collecting meat for a horde of flesh-eating ghouls. Sanford is pushing 40, and socially inept. Saddled with a dead end job, he starts to get desperate after being dumped by his longtime girlfriend. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, Sanford arrives at his Uncle Alistair's house in search of a place to stay. Alistair can't stand Sanford, but due to declining health he's desperate to find someone who can take over his work. It's Alistair's job to feed the grotesque beasties that lurk in the woods surrounding his house. They demand fresh meat, and Alistair is the man who supplies it to them. When Alistair dies, Sanford takes over. Before long, Sanford has discovered the key to training his demonic minions, and begun using them to seek vengeance against anyone who dares cross him.
Directed By:
R Squared Films, Inc.

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After being thrown out by his ex-girlfriend, geeky Sanford Denton has no choice but to move in with his only relative, Uncle Alistair. Soon after, Sanford finds out that Alistair has been killing random people and feeding them to monstrous ghouls that come in through the basement from out back where a desolate graveyard resides. Alistair soon dies but not before passing on the duties of feeding these monstrosities, which is a necessary since they would be much more dangerous if starved. While trying to retain his job at a warehouse ran by a seedy father and son, Sanford changes his life around as he starts killing people and feeding the ghouls. He gains confidence and even attempts to court a new love, but can he manage all of these duties without repercussions. This ultra low-budget gorefest offers just about everything you'd expect from such a film, low-budget acting, effects, and filmmaking. To my surprise though, this film is actually quite entertaining as it attempts to offer a more unique storyline than most mainstream drivel, but then again, it does rely on one kill after another (and the film DOES sport quite a body count). Overall, I get where the filmmakers are coming with this. It's a fun little film meant for those who like this breed of movie-making. Glad to see it has finally made its way onto DVD. Amateur, definitely, but not bad.

Jason Duron
Jason Duron

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