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March 31, 2017
Fun movie with Clark Gable and Rosilan Russell
March 16, 2015
Cute costumes, corny dialog, absurd plot,big stars fulfilling their contracts.
August 23, 2010
They Met In Bombay (1941)

This war-time romantic comedy is set in the mysterious East and like their travels, it goes all over the map. But who can deny the handsome and beautiful leads in this movie? If you're a fan of Gable or Russell, you're going to love this movie.

Two rival jewell thieves, Gerald Meldrick (Clark Gable) and Anya Von Duren (Rosalind Russell) come together for a gala event to steal the infamous Star of Asia necklace from the Duchess of Beltravers (Jessie Ralph).

Gerald and Anya's banter grows into somewhat of a romance, despite wanting the necklace for themselves. They are found out and almost don't make it, and with the law after them, they decide to share their meager resources to make their get-away.

They sneak onto a tramp steamer bound for Hong Kong, run by Captain Chang (Peter Lorre fresh from his Mr. Moto franchise in "Yellow Face"), but manage to steal away on a boat before Chang is able to turn them in to the British. Now, on the lamb in Hong Kong, Gerald steals an officer's uniform in a scheme to steal the Army payroll, but get's called into base for a special mission.

Now he must leed a platoon to help evacuate British subjects from a Japanese held mainland Chinese village. Does Gerald and Anya do the right thing?
November 17, 2009
The cast is terrific, Peter Lorre stands out. Good mixture of genre?s, very entertaining with an interesting story. It?s not quite up with the quality of the stars other films from that era, but it?s still good.
½ August 30, 2009
This film is formulaic. Clark Gable plays an international con man thief who falls in love with a female version of himself opposite Rosalind Russell. While this certainly doesn't break any new ground and is a predictable by-the-numbers MGM production, you are left with a movie that is great fun but won't change your life. Despite the shortcomings of the movie, the film was dripping with quality. Both actors are at the top of their game, the writing and dialogue is fun and the direction is on target. All-in-all, a lot of fun and sure to please fans of this genre.
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