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July 9, 2013
Far from flawless but if you are patient it's worth watching.
May 30, 2013
Very entertaining movie. Great to see the serial nice guy Gregg Kinnear playing a sordid unethical bad guy.
½ May 17, 2013
Little slow throughout but I stuck it out. Turned out pretty interesting. Pretty interesting.
½ May 12, 2013
i found it entertaining enough :)
Super Reviewer
May 7, 2013
Mildly entertaining. Decent twist at the end...
½ May 6, 2013
Good cast in a rather transparent (to me, at least) plot. Rental only, and avoid the severely shortened theatrical version. Has its moments, but nothing you need to see more than once.
May 4, 2013
The payoff isn't worth the tedious 90 minutes it takes to get there, and if you see the twist coming early, it's even worse.
½ April 13, 2013
Took a little too long to get going. Then it became a poor imitation of Fargo.
March 3, 2013
Looks very intriguing!
½ February 22, 2013
A very interesting movie.
February 2, 2013
Stealth film. Got to watch this one again and pay attention from the very beginning.
½ January 11, 2013
Slick movie that at first reminded me of Fargo, but with more twists. Excellent acting by Alan Arkin, of course, and Greg Kinnear. I really enjoyed it.
½ January 10, 2013
Cynical, cruel trash void of a point, aimlessly 'directed' by Jill Sprecher who completely wastes the talent of a great cast. Greg Kinnear should fire his agent. "Thin Ice" is not worth your time and is one of the worst films I have seen all year.
December 31, 2012
This film stands on its own even without the twist at the end.
½ December 30, 2012
Kinnear, Crudup, and Arkin all do their roles justice, and the movie is fun, entertaining, and dark... until the twist ending, which is completely asburd, unrealistic, and is easily the movie's undoing.
December 10, 2012
Very poor lacks substance or storyline
December 9, 2012
Only wanted to see it because of Greg Kinnear. The story isn't bad, but it's one of those things where you think you know what is going on but you really don't because they pretty much just made up a bunch of crap at the end of the movie. I don't think it's a complete waste of time, but it's like it tries to be Fargo or something along those lines, but fails because they changed their mind part way through and decided to do something just a little different.
November 23, 2012
This was good once, with a clever story.
½ November 10, 2012
Mickey is a slimy insurance man. He's always trying to grab the next potential buyer and is always ON in terms of selling to, well, anyone. Living in Wisconsin isn't entirely suitable for a man like Mickey. He wants to be somewhere warm, inviting and with a beach. Being separated from his wife due to his cheating ways shows more of his crap persona. But don't give up on this man just yet. He has within him a clever scheme that will put your mind at ease by the time the film is over.

In order to accumulate more sales for his little insurance business, Mickey is told by a recent participant of one of his seminar's that an old farmer named Gorvy is willing to purchase some. Gorvy is a special old coot who has a dog that keeps him company. Of course that's not all he has that keeps company when you begin to see all the stuff he collects. One valuable asset strikes Mickey as being the perfect way to acquire some much needed cash. It's a violin.

A violin expert appraises it and Mickey discovers that it's worth $25,000. That's enough of a commission for him especially to join the next convention which is being held in Aruba. When Gorvy sets up security at his home before taking a trip for a few days Mickey is introduced to Randy, the security guy. Randy isn't exactly stable and has prior criminal convictions. The violin is held in the attic, but Mickey can't get to it unless the security is set off. So that's where Randy comes in.

Shutting off the security for a bit while Mickey swaps the violin for a fake one sounds to be the quickest way to snatch and grab, but that's when the neighbor shows up. Randy gets spooked when the neighbor threatens to call the police. So, he bashes the neighbors head in with a hammer. Great! A dead body! Just another thing to deal with!

The shit really hits the fan between Randy and Mickey. Randy blackmails him by snapping a picture of him next to the body and promises that if he ever goes to the police he will kill him. Much of the fun begins once Billy Crudup steps in. I think the whole film would've been a complete piece of crap if it hadn't been for him. He gave the film a much needed wake up call!

When this film was shown at Sundance it picked up a distributor, but it forced the director to make several changes in the editing. Sadly, the director had no control whatsoever once the film got picked up and the final product is what we are left with. I must say you can obviously tell that this film was re-cut to hell. It's slightly sloppy in it's editing. The real running time for this film was suppose to be an hour and forty-nine minutes, but got reduced to an hour and thirty. It's a real shame because the film feels like there's stuff missing. The twist at the end didn't really make me film surprised either because most of the whole film felt chopped up.

I want to stress this however that it's still a worthy to film to watch. It has some good plot points and is funny in places. Also the acting from Crudup and Kinnear were also good, but one shining moment I really loved was to see Lea Thompson again on screen. She only has a bit part, but it was worth it seeing her again.

Overall, it's a crafty tale that could've been better if it hadn't been for those fuckers who toyed with the editing.
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