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September 6, 2013
An incendiary documentary that captures the controversy surrounding an invitation for Michael Moore to speak at a Utah university in the lead up to the Bush / Kerry election in 2004. First time director Steven Greenstreet wisely chooses to keep away from narration, focusing instead on letting the event protagonists speak their minds, and reveal their attitudes on camera, with seemingly equal exposure given to conservative views and liberal views. The participants are incredibly candid and open with the filmmakers, which really allows the viewer to feel a personal connection with this community, political or religious views notwithstanding. Some genuinely funny scenes and people as well. Sadly, and scarily, my conclusion after watching this is that it seems many have a tenuous grasp on what freedom of speech actually is, and the importance of civil discourse. What's more, lots of feverishly strong opinions without facts to back them up - on both sides of the coin. Technically, the film is rough around the edges, betraying the fact its the work of students who maxed out three credit cards to complete the film, but their efforts have been well worth it; This Divided State is suprisingly effective.
August 13, 2010
The righteous fight by Bush supporters to be able stick fingers in their ears and go LA LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU.
½ June 15, 2010
Great documentary about the outrage caused when a college in conservative Utah decided to let Michael Moore speak. Really shocking at what lengths people were willing to go just to prevent this....
July 21, 2009
Interesting look at how a narrow minded community in Utah (what a surprise) tried to prevent Michael Moore from speaking at a university. Obviously this flies against the principle of free speech, but that never stopped the zealots out there. It really is quite simple, go listen if you want and don't go if you don't want to. I guess them exercising their right to protest is a form of free speech and expression. It is amazing that alot of the protesters there hadn't actually seen any of MM's movies or read his books. It kinda makes it hard to take them seriously.
March 25, 2009
Its a good documentary. It comes across as being pretty fair and does seem to develop the pros and cons that seem to follow Michael Moore around. I do however find alot of the closed mind, republican views pretty scary. Thank god the democrats one 4 years later.
January 27, 2009
How refreshing it is to see a documentary that tries to show you both sides of the coin. The con and pro Moore sides get to express their reasons for taking the positions they do and the doc lets the audience make up its mind as to what the right choices are and why.
December 9, 2008
An interesting documentary abouth free speech and democracy, not about Michael Moore and Sean Hannity even though they are on the cover.
September 6, 2008
It made my head hurt, really bad. It pretty much had every bad aspect a documentary could have.
August 23, 2008
really good insight into why we have freedom of speech, and shows some really funny ignorant (COUGH republican/mormon/prep school kids) trying to be political. "Micheal Moore is a terrorist"......... ROFL
½ May 11, 2008
Shows how political fanatics on either side of the spectrum can be dangerous. Also shows that Michael Moore and Sean Hannity are the same people on the opposite sides of the spectrum
April 1, 2008
Good, well balanced filmā?¦ Thought provoking and importantā?¦
½ March 18, 2008
I didn't like this film.
½ February 25, 2008
What a fantastic film. It shows just how intolerant the fanatical Right can be. Check it out and see how divisive politics can be.
February 10, 2008
I felt rage watching this. You don't have to like Michael Moore, but this will show you how shallow and sheep-like conservatives/right-wings are. This is not a Rep vs Dem argument. This is a liberal vs conservative one.
½ February 8, 2008
I may be a little prejudice since I appear in this film for about 2 1/2 seconds, but I still feel that it's an excellent film.

It seems to start out akwardly, but the film builds slowly until at the end you know you've just seen a great story -- and it's all true . . .
February 5, 2008
Let's not speak about America anymore but about America(s). Who the f%^k would put conservatism before democracy? This next comment is directed to the American right - the Dec of Indep and Bill of Rights could be one of the crowning societal achievements of human civilisation. Don't f%^k it up dudes!
½ February 2, 2008
I was spellbound from the first minute - this documentary is proof that fact can beat fiction any day.
February 1, 2008
Very good documentary! For me, not coming from the US, it's really frightening to see how narrow-minded and ignorant some americans (religious right-wing conservatives) can be... Awkward to see!
January 28, 2008
I really really hate conservitive people. they're fucking dumb. Sean Hannity is a prime example too.
January 24, 2008
good doc about a college that won't let Micheal Moore speak
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