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½ August 27, 2016
Bold, brave and incredibly entertaining, This Film Is Not Yet Rated is a clever and very interesting dive into the flawed tatics of the MPAA - and the ways that they cover up the truths of what is happening.
July 13, 2016
A film about the MPAA was needed, and indeed this one does touch on the double standards and backroom corporate agendas but it comes at the price of a clearly partisan approach. Though it still merits it's existence, the film certainly could've been more.
June 18, 2016
You should never censor an artist work.

"This Film Is Not Yet Rated" is informative, funny and it dose a great job pointing out how ridiculous the MPAA really is. I highly recommend checking this documentary out, as you really do learn a lot from this.
½ May 23, 2016
Of all the documentaries I recommend to my friends, this is the one I find myself recommending the most all the time, because not only do i agree with pretty much all of it, but stuff like what this film tackles STILL happens today, like movies getting an R rating because there's gay people in them... and those movies usually get a PG here... and hell, just look at the MPAA rating for this movie! Nuff said.
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May 16, 2016
An excellent documentary that exposes this veiled type of censorship and a group of hypocritical moralists who find themselves in the position to decide what we can and cannot watch, using a questionable system that benefits mostly the interests of movie studios and corporations.
April 10, 2016
a must watch. glad the Canadian rating system is different.
½ February 21, 2016
this was a great documentary -- very interesting. might make you look at movie ratings in a different light.
January 31, 2016
This is an interesting film for different reasons.

On one hand, it can be extremely dry and at times bordering on boring, especially during the "steakout" parts of the documentary.

However the parts in which it discusses the MPAA's borderline schizophrenic logic when rating films, the repercussions on the industry, profitability and storytelling as a whole are fascinating.

They illuminate the underlining strong religious and sexist bias still found at the very center of not only Hollywood but the USA as a whole. Since the MPAA serves as guard dogs and gate keepers of America's so-called morality... which is something that to be honest, needs, nay, requires an update ASAP.

It is worth watching for the information.
November 1, 2015
A fairly interesting look into the peculiarly secretive MPAA and their tactics for rating movies, this documentary has enough to keep you interested but its hardly stuff we don't already know.
½ June 18, 2015
I enjoyed this documentary a great deal. It was relevant to a subject that I am interested in. I would recommend it to anyone that cares about some of the inner workings & the politics that going on behind movies being released.
½ April 18, 2015
Hilarious and rude look at the ridiculously secretive group who rate movies in the US. Full of oddbods and odd behaviour, this is an interesting documentary
½ April 10, 2015
Interesting POV about the ratings board!
½ February 22, 2015
Informative and entertaining little doc.
December 23, 2014
For those that enjoy films & occasionally talk about them, this is a must see.
½ December 20, 2014
A very interesting look at the MPAA.
December 6, 2014
Incredible insight to the filmrating process and tells the mystery behind the faces of the MPAA and their inconsistencies with rating films. Kirby Dick must have some brass balls to go up against the people who would ultimately be rating his film and his cry for injustice is more than admirable! The MPAA has always been a flawed system, and to know that many filmmakers have struggled with the absurdity of the sex vs. violence argument is very enlightening and depressing. To know that the people who rate the films are mainly influenced by the studios and have the power to torpedo your film's chances of success is a scary abuse of power! It's a first-rate documentary that is a must-see for fans of the film industry!
½ December 5, 2014
An insightful, informative and sometimes hilarious doc, made all the more triumphant with its NC-17 rating.
October 7, 2014
a good documentary about the mpaa
½ September 10, 2014
those who are interested in the film industry and how movies are rated must check this movie out.
½ August 28, 2014
A truly incredible and intriguing documentary. It does a fantastic job at explaining the stupidity that is the MPAA. I mean the MPAA kind of proved their stupidity when they rated this movie. It's NC-17. I'm not making that up. It's unbelievable that this film would ever receive an NC-17. It proves the MPAA will try and block anything they don't like or find offensive. Watch this film. It's a must see.
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