This Is Where We Live Reviews

May 23, 2014
An admirably restrained, respectful portrait of the kinds of Americans contemporary films generally avoid showing at all--or if they do, treat with heavy-handed mawkishness.
May 22, 2014
It's sharply written, and moving without being mawkish, painting a portrait of people that we feel like we know.
February 27, 2014
This beautifully acted, admirably understated drama never succumbs to mawkishness.
November 25, 2013
Melancholic, tender and understated.
November 21, 2013
Though the developing bond between the two men - one of whom is virtually nonverbal - is credible and even touching, the storytelling is too oblique to reel you in.
November 19, 2013
This Is Where We Live benefits from the good taste of the filmmakers, whose appetite for understatement ensures that the picture maintains dramatic effectiveness and only rarely lurches into histrionics.
April 7, 2013
Bleak, with moments of heart and even cuteness. "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" without the laughs.
April 6, 2013
THIS IS WHERE WE LVIE feels like a specimen of untempered life. Nothing rings false in this unassuming film.