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½ July 24, 2015
good yet predictable but thats part of its charm
July 20, 2015
July 2nd-3rd 2012
August 16th 2013
July 20th 2015
June 30, 2015
great feel good comedy movie
½ June 28, 2015
Reese Witherspoon is indeed worth fighting for but the whole film could have been avoided if the two main characters just realised that being double dated was, oh, I don't know, wrong? It would have made some sort of sense if the characters weren't friends and were rival spies or something. It just seems like it would have added to the conflict and increased the comedic potential; the characters have their own rules that you know they will break but it just isn't the same. Honestly, the spy element only seems added to give the film sort of originality as well as leading to some potential jokes that could only be achieved with this concept because in the grand scheme of things, it is almost completely forgotten about.

I knew what the concept a long time before I actually watched it but it just seemed like nothing happened throughout the whole movie. When the movie started it was good, the action was filmed very well, it wasn't just masked up by lazy shaky came, it had a cool style and even the intro was very Bond inspired, and although she wasn't in the movie at this point, it seemed weird to see Reese Witherspoon's name over some random henchman during the opening credits but the set up was pretty good. I also liked the way that the two leads met Lauren as it didn't really feel as coincidental as other movies would do it. The cast try with what they have and the three leads, as well as the great supporting cast do good as well but honestly though, when the two leads meet Lauren is when pretty much everything else goes downhill.

It's a silly comedy and nobody acts like a real person, you can't just tear up a restaurant, twice, and get away with it regardless of your job but it is just didn't make sense. I kind of expected FDR to say to Tuck about how lame the dating website was and that was how they would bring it up but it works the way it is. The characters don't really make any sense, Lauren says that she 'isn't that type of girl' when someone brings up something a little bit silly and yet she goes from dating nobody for a long time to dating two guys at once and honestly; Witherspoon gives a lot to this character but it is hard to feel sympathy for a character who is dating two people and finds it hard to choose one, really? When the characters start dating I found it hard to believe that FDR didn't know why Tuck didn't show up to his arrangement or how Tuck knew where FDR would be to spy on his first date. It even goes down to something as nitpicky as, Lauren is dancing and singing to a song, in a scene that felt pointless by the way, but she puts on 'Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid' halfway through and continues to sing... Because that makes sense? Also, she thinks that FDR just fell asleep on the couch but wouldn't she see the tranquilliser dart right next to his hand that is in plain view? And why did Tuck have to go on about explaining those people that showed up at his dinner? Why couldn't he just lie and say it was a joke someone did? A good piece of character we get is when Tuck says 'mentlegents'.

I thought technically speaking the film looked good for the most part, like I said, the action was well filmed and it had a style and the editing was good as well, the paintball scene was good, even if that paint-bomb looked brutal and the Titanic music playing in the background at one point fit well as well. But other times some scenes felt out of place and one point in particular where Tuck is on the roof with a rifle and the music comes in too late into that scene that I had no idea what just happened. It's like the music guy forgot his cue and quickly rushed to speed up, it was really bad; I had to rewind just to see if what I thought happened actually happened. It isn't bad to the point where the music comes in after the scene is finished or anything like that but it's noticeably bad. And overall, it's probably just a little bit longer than it needed to be.

I also didn't like the ending much at first, but not because it's made badly but because it just seemed cruel to our characters, it kind of felt like an all or nothing kind of deal, and the choice that was made seems backwards as the other choice was the genuinely nice honest one who didn't stalk/ show up at her work. But in the end, it does work out well for our both leads even if the other end just feels crammed in to give them both a happy ending but the film does end on a good joke so there is that. And I won't lie, the film did make me laugh at points and it certainly has its moments but it really doesn't have a lot of them. Knowing that Seth Rogen was one of the choices for one of the leading roles seems bizarre. 'This Means War' has a fun title, good leads and an interesting premise but doesn't really do as much with it as it should.
½ June 25, 2015
A smart, affectionate mix of romance and bromance, This Means War offers edgy, action-packed comedy while leaving enough room to properly showcase Chris Pine and Tom Hardy's warmhearted brotherhood chemistry.
June 21, 2015
A big fuck you to ryan for saying this movie sucks. This is better then godfather I think!
½ June 18, 2015
A good solid action chick flick, all the actors did a great job at their roles, but the story over reacts in some way and takes to the limit. Some parts are cheesy and some of them are like a movie that it suppose to be. The action was well made with spectacular special effects, and Chealsy I don't know what she was doing there???? As that being said for this being a solid romantic comedy, I give "This Means War" a solid C-.
May 24, 2015
Highly well-done spy comedy!
½ May 24, 2015
Wow. This movie is so bad it almost hurts to watch.
½ May 20, 2015
Not a particularly good movie, that should of been a lot better considering it's 3 stars, but I got to admit it's a bit of a guilty pleasure
May 11, 2015
Absolutely charming.
½ May 9, 2015
In the end, it's a meaningless comedy with mild action no big payoff in the clusterf*** of and ending. That being said, I was surprised with how much I laughed or at least smiled. The never ending variety of Hardy's character reach expands as he is this time a lovable family oriented, but single Englishman. It's an alright movie night film. If nothing else, your wife will enjoy it. (64%)
April 29, 2015
This movie is well..bad. The editing is clumsy and acting is so-so. The film is has great setup for a story, but they don't go all out. I love Chris Pine and Reece Witherspoon, but they could have used their talents for a more worthy movie. There are rarely any funny moments. I only remember laughing two or three times. The romance is also really weak and it's not that engaging. The characters are pretty boring and don't have any level of depth. On the bright side, the action scenes are fun sometimes and the cinematography is alright. Overall, This Means War is a bland and forgettable film.
April 22, 2015
I enjoyed this romantic actioner more than it seems others did. I thought Pine and Hardy played off each other extremely well; even better than they did with Witherspoon. Her character, although intelligent, came off as shallow and a bit unlikable, which is difficult to do when she is so spunky. The invasions of privacy and one-upmanship almost got to the overbearing point but not quite. This is mindless fun.
April 22, 2015
It was a great comedy x)
April 7, 2015
This is that type of movie that Reese Witherspoon should have made BEFORE she won an Oscar.
April 5, 2015
Despite the best efforts of its star studded leads, This Means War fails to take advantage of the talent thats right in front of them. Its funny and entertaining in spurts, but the plot is simply stupid and overplayed.
March 31, 2015
Meh...cashing in on the 'star power' of Witherspoon doesn't always work...
March 20, 2015
This Means War is a lazy rendition of a good idea executed poorly. It carries a few good actors, and misuses them for the benefit of the diseased genre. McG has proven once again he has not taste in his design, and will push scenarios in any direction to squeeze anything out of the audience. However, the romance, and the comedy, the two ambitions of this move, were not achieved. Another film thrown in the waste bucket.
March 14, 2015
"Pain is weakness leaving the body."
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