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½ April 11, 2015
A meandering strange little film. A road movie of sorts. Though I am not sure what it was trying to say. The characterless were so out there. The characters seemed so detached from reality to make any real statement about the American condition. And the subplot of finding the aging Nazi had such an odd undertone it never really took off. Sean Penn's character was so whiny and uninteresting.
½ March 9, 2015
This is one of those movies that totally flat-lined for me. I watched it only because a friend liked and recommended it. However, I had serious doubts about it, after having read the synopsis and seen a photo of Sean Penn in drags. I am not a Penn fan, although I would not rule out a movie just because he is in it.

In this particular movie, I really disliked him for lots of reasons: the exasperating monotone of his speech; the phoniness of all his "conversations"; the weird and yet dull interaction with the many bizarre characters populating the movie, etc...

The word "boring" is used quite often when we explain why we did not like a movie. Basically, we did not feel emotionally or intellectually engaged by the story unfolding onscreen. Nothing works against this type of disengagement. No rational explanation will convince you about the deep, inner meaning the director, scriptwriter, actors and other reviewers saw or tried to instill into the story.

Therefore, for me this is the ultimate boring movie. A plot so thin I lost track of it after 10 minutes, totally disengaging and disengaged characters, far too much artsy Penn. I gave up, 1 hour and 6 minutes into it and I am not even sure why I lasted that long. By then, I still had no clue about what was going on and I definitely stopped caring even earlier .....
½ February 4, 2015
Como se a transformação de Sean Penn, em drag gótica, não fosse suficientemente estranha, "This Must Be Place" abusa da sorte ao querer ser, ao mesmo tempo, um filme sentido sobre a reconciliação e um road movie feito de muito estilo e pequenas lições de vida (não muito diferente de "Beavis and Butt-Head do America", embora mais negro). Paolo Sorrentino parece totalmente convencido da sua versatilidade e ginástica estilística, mesmo que metade deste seu noir atípico seja sobretudo conseguido através de colagem (espetar com o tema homónimo de David Byrne algures no filme é tão giro quanto aleatório). Nada disto deve mesmo assim impedir que Sean Penn maquilhado à imagem de Robert Smith, dos Cure, venha a merecer algum culto a longo prazo. Vi os últimos vinte minutos a batalhar o meu próprio sono, mas isso provavelmente também fará parte da experiência.
January 3, 2015
Disappointing - the concept felt like it just hadn't been carried out to any logical confusion, but rather wandered away or disintegrated before anyone figured out how to make all the disparate ideas work together in a single film. Cheyenne really had potential as a character, but instead I got tired of him spouting whiny platitudes like a thinly disguised "what if" cross between Robert Smith and an aged philosopher. The other characters simply weren't fleshed out enough - you'd hardly know Frances McDormand and Harry Dean Stanton were talented and famous in their own right. The meandering plot felt more like a dream diary and less like the writer was ever able to satisfactorily complete a thought. I'm sure that style works really well for some people, but for me, I just felt like the whole thing ended up lost in translation. Shame.
December 30, 2014
Great performance by Sean Penn. This Must Be the Place is a story about a former rock star named Cheyenne who is now lost and has nothing to keep him going. His father whom he doesn't speak to dies with a last wish to kill a former Nazi that tormented him years ago. Cheyenne decides to pick up where his father left off and kill the Nazi for him. On the search Cheyenne finds himself and realizes what he has at home is what keeps him going. Good acting and good underlying theme but the fil struggles to find this theme and seems to be lost for most of its running time.
November 29, 2014
Amazing. Sean Penn was just brilliant as Cheyenne!
November 15, 2014
Though this great script loses steam toward the end, Sean Penn portrays a troubled has-been ex-pat musician, engrossed with numerous flaws. I found myself turn slowly from mocking & laughing at Cheyenne and his absurd personality & foibles, to empathizing him and his mission to right the wrongs of his familial debt & act of dishonor upon his father. Completely blown away by this film - and Penn especially - as this black comedy & drama is a real diamond in the rough.
½ November 12, 2014
I really liked the cast. Sean Penn as an old hair band rock star was awesome. The movie was a bit too slow paced for me, though.
October 9, 2014
cool and clean movie. lovely
½ September 30, 2014
A former glam rocker turned nazi hunter??? Logically I should've hated this movie, but some how it's quirky heart intrigued me, dispute the absurdity.
September 30, 2014
Regardless of his off-screen reality, Sean Penn proves himself as one of the greatest character actors in history. A novel concept executed to near perfection.
September 6, 2014
This is a weird little movie. The first 20-30 minutes are really promising. Sean Penn immediately grabs you with this character, retired rocker Cheyenne. And then you meet Frances McDormand who plays his wife, and you watch their relationship and it's interesting. But once he gets to America, the whole thing just kind of meanders from place to place, like the main character. There are some wonderful moments from Sean Penn. But they're mostly monologues that he delivers to some random side character. I was just really hoping this was going to go somewhere. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful showcase for Penn, but the movie as a whole fell short for me.
½ August 28, 2014
A strange movie that I couldn't understand.
August 21, 2014
I wanted to compare Paolo Sorrentino's Thing of Great Beauty to another Sorrentino movie, so this one seemed accessible because it was in English. I had mixed reviews, but I liked it just fine. It was like Malik's Tree of Life. Makes you think beyond the story elements and reflect on God.
Super Reviewer
August 18, 2014
Once, Cheyenne(Sean Penn) had been a rock star. Now, he lives retired in semi-inclusion with his firefighter wife Jane(Frances McDormand) in Dublin due to tax reasons. Then, he gets news that his father is seriously ill back in New York. At first, he intends to fly but they cannnot get the altimeter working on the airplane to his satisfaction. So, he takes a cruise ship instead. Which is a whole different level of hell altogether.

So far, Paolo Sorrentino has shown a remarkable amount of visual poetry in his films so far. With "This Must Be the Place," he attempts something akin to a plot which is definitely a mixed bag due to it involving a hunt for an ancient Nazi which also allows Judd Hirsch to gnaw on scenery to his heart's content. On the other hand, the movie could be said to be in general about people who are out of sync with time, as illustrated by Sean Penn's off-kilter performance as somebody who is ultra-sensitive to the world around him. But none of that allows the movie to escape Wim Wenders' orbit, road movie division, and not just because the very welcome Harry Dean Stanton puts in an appearance, with David Byrne(who also wrote the music for the film) as the random cameo musician.
August 13, 2014
but then again I love these kinds of films.
August 6, 2014
This is a pretentious, absurd; waste of time. What is David Byrnes motivation to be in it?
August 4, 2014
I love this movie. Sean Penn is amazing...I love Cheyanne's sheepish laugh, his/her non-reactive reactions, and idiosynchrosies of the character. This movie is really about overcoming and I admire overcomers in life and the movies.
July 25, 2014
This Must Be The Place has a weak narrative thrust, but it's an excellent example of the sort of range Sean Penn is capable of. Here, Penn plays a retired rocker who, drawn back to America by his estranged father's death, embarks on a cross country journey to find a Nazi war criminal his father obsessed about, meeting a wide variety of generally strange people along the way. Penn's Pierrot-like characterization is at times extremely funny, often poignant, always spellbinding. However, director Paolo Sorrentino (who also co-wrote the screenplay), lends the film such a quirky-cum-morose-for-it's-own-sake tone, it's hard to understand where the story is going some of the time, or why some plot decisions have been made.
½ July 22, 2014
An interesting character study with good performances by Sean Penn and Frances McDormand.
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