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August 6, 2019
A film that manages to give us a humorous and amusing performance from Penn, who dominates every frame, but resists blending successfully with the rest of the narrative.
June 28, 2013
The conceit of showing a pop-culture figure's life out of the limelight is beyond hackneyed, but the film's incongruous visual splendor and Penn's all-or-nothing commitment keep Sorrentino's unabashed folly afloat for a while.
June 20, 2013
Sorrentino's aggressively life-affirming movie has wormed its way into the hearts of a surprising number of usually sensible, discerning critics.
January 11, 2013
As oddly magnetic as Sean Penn's performance is, the film seems more preoccupied with being quirky and puzzling than with telling a cohesive, satisfying story.
January 4, 2013
"It would take a week mucking out a pork pie factory to acclimatise for a hamfest as nauseating as this."
November 21, 2012
Penn has created a colorful tour guide, but in "This Must Be the Place," there's no there there.
November 16, 2012
Hits some wild notes but never quite finds its niche
November 13, 2012
We begin to wonder why Penn even bothered with such a flimsy project in the first place. Let's not stop here very long.
November 8, 2012
The movie replaces emotional precision and intellectual honesty with syrupy sincerity and insistence.
November 8, 2012
Less than the sum of its parts.
November 8, 2012
In the end, "This Must Be the Place" isn't just bad. It's inappropriate.
November 8, 2012
[A] soggy, monumentally morose excuse for a movie ...
November 2, 2012
This Must Be the Place gives Penn a chance to vamp and camp in ways that are sometimes touching and mostly annoying.
November 2, 2012
Sean Penn as an ex-rock-star Nazi hunter feels like a lot to swallow. It is.
November 2, 2012
Sean Penn has received a mantle's worth of humanitarian awards over the years. But he might have to give one of them back, just to make amends for "This Must Be the Place."
November 1, 2012
Bizarre can be good when it's done deftly. In this case, however, it's done ponderously and sententiously.
October 31, 2012
The film's numerous idiosyncrasies-virtues at the outset-ultimately suffocate it.
April 11, 2012
[It's] made with all of the visual élan we've come to expect, but the pacing is leaden and the film lacks a sense of purpose.
April 9, 2012
The film seems to be aiming for a whimsical flourish on an otherwise unpleasant subject. Its premiere at Cannes met with a mixed response. I remain underwhelmed.
April 7, 2012
Along the way there are occasional arresting images, but they prove minor compensations.
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