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July 4, 2013
April 25, 2012
Out there a bit, ok a lot , but.... I liked it
April 1, 2011
amazingly intense acting , sadism and violence I enjoyed it... never knew what to expect.
½ November 30, 2010
This is a great film, and should be more widely available. Why, oh why isn't it out in DVD? The writer of the original story is Jim Thompson. The film is one of the blackest of dark comedies, and so, unfortunately, is under appreciated mainstream viewers and even critics. If you could see the humor in "The Grifters" or if you like your humor darker than "To Die For," you must get "This World, Then the Fireworks" in video ASAP. The leading role is made for Billy Zane, and features the finest performance I've ever seen from him. Don't miss this unforgettable scene: someone wonders why he (Billy Zane) would marry a deformed woman when he can have a beautiful one, and he becomes absolutely enraged. Also wonderful are Gina Gershon as the sister, and Rue McClanahan as mother of the wicked siblings.

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July 17, 2010
(1997 Director: Michael Oblowitz) I enjoyed this movie, though admittedly it was a little difficult to watch two incredibly gorgeous twins (one female, one male) living off their looks in less than moral ways. Oddly enough gorgeous Billy Zane's character met misfortune from his legitimate undercover career, causing him to return home.

Rue McClanahan was a bright spot as their mother. In reviewing Ms McClanahan's filmography, I was surprised to learn that I have seen few of her movies. Anyone remember her character in a personal favorite, Starship Troopers??
½ September 10, 2009
Best movie ever from Gina and Billy
½ August 22, 2009
I love Jim Thompson novels, but of the film adaptations of his novels, this is the weakest. Good cast, decent script, but the movie is wrecked by a distractingly over-directed style. You can tell the director was trying to recreate the style of classic noir, but those attempts at "style" come off as simply style for styles sake. Stick with other superior Thompson film adaptations, like "The Grifters" or "After Dark, My Sweet".
½ June 5, 2009
film-noir hengessa tehty leffa kertoo keskivertoa erikoisempien kaksosten tarinaa. Tarinaa ei ole oleellista alkaa tassa senkummemmin kaymaan lapi. Elokuvan tunnelma on koukuttava johon antaa oman mausteensa musiikki, kertoja aani seka elokuvan varimaailma. Billy Zane tekee mainion roolin ja onkin mielestani aina ollut aliarvostettu nayttelija. Ei han mikaan maailman paras ole, mutta monta hanta paljon huonompaakin nayttelijaa saa paistatella valokeilassa. Naista hyvista puolista huolimatta ei paasta kahta ja puolta tahtea parempaan lopputulokseen vaan loppujen lopuksi tarina jaa jotenkin vaisuksi
April 16, 2008
This film fails miserably in it's attempt to be an intriguing and shocking noir story and ends up being soulless, pointless and tremendously stupid. None of the characters are particularly interesting and the plot is paper thin, revolving mainly around trite dialogue and endless scenes of meaningless depravity. The only good parts of this film are Ms. Gershon and the slick, jazzy score, but that isn't enough to warrant a positive review.
½ October 4, 2007
Takes a stab at Film Noir, but doesn't entirely click. Worth a view though.
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