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February 26, 2017
It's fun and has great action, but Malekith is such a terrible, awful, boring, thinly written, annoying, confusing, forgettable, useless, random and barely developed villain that he drags this film into the lower ranks of the MCU.
½ February 23, 2017
Thor : The Dark World. This film is the next installment in the Marvel Avengers universe and how does it add to the franchise. Not bad not bad at all, but also not a great addition to the franchise. There are some things that I really liked about this film and there are some things that I did not like at all. First lets talk about the pros of this film and some of the performances that I actually liked. I really liked the much darker tone that this film took when comparing it to the avengers and the first thor film. The films dark tone combined with some awesome special effects make for a great visual film. Chris Hemsworth is good as Thor once again but Tom Hiddleston as Loki is arguably much superior in this film. As for the cons, well, this film has a dark tone but has so much bland and forced humor that is not funny. Literally every other scene is just an isolated scene featuring a cheesy one liner or a unnecessary situational humor situation that is just so forced and bad. It happens all throughout this film. Kat Dennings is in this film and is even more annoying in this film than in the first one, I hate her character, she has no purpose in this film at all and her assistant/love interest also serves no purpose to this film in anyway. My last complaint with this film is the villain is just not menacing at all, he just feels like he is there because there has to be an antagonist or else thor wouldnt have anybody to swing his hammer at. In the end Thor : The Dark World is a solid addition to this franchise but does nothing to make the franchise better either and will not convert any newcomers to fans, but if your a fan of the avengers universe then this film is for you.
February 17, 2017
Belongs to the lower tier of the MCU.
½ February 13, 2017
3.5/5 Stars. Another standard decent Marvel film. Story is the usual "once upon a time, there were bad dudes. Now they're back." Forced romance hampers things, though it's an expected feature at this point. Typical Hollywood humor, feel-good moments, etc. Effects are great, as always. I liked the Dark Elf ships' sensible design, and the Warhammer reference was nice. Not sure if there were subtitles in the non-bootleg, but the Dark Elf scenes where they speak their own language still made a basic kind of sense. The elves being able to speak English/Asgardian/whatever eventually is never explained, but meh. The Loki thing I saw coming, but the interweaving was well-done. Overall, a solid addition to the Marvel library.
February 8, 2017
Hilarious and brilliant and exciting. One of the best films I've seen this year. But why didn't any of the Avengers come to help when there was a war on Earth? 2nd time: Emma 10/10. Lucy 10/10. Charlotte 10/10.
February 4, 2017
Amazing experience at the cinema, not that great on DVD. Loki stole the show, but Chris Eccleston was a bit one-dimensional as the baddie.
February 2, 2017
I like Thor 2 better!! It went down to action and fighting and it has funny moments! His brother Loki is in prison and I like how Thor and his mom talk to Loki when he is in prison, Loki is sly and clever I must say. And the enemy is cool there is good fighting. I would go and see this movie!! They should make a Thor 3 and what do you know they are!! Exiting is what I will say!

I have a favorite line in that trailer to Thor the dark world. Loki is in prison and Thor comes walking. And Loki says after all this time now you come to visit me brother why to Mock Thor says I need your help and I wish I could trust you. Loki says if you were you wold be the fool I always took you for.

So see the trailer and then see the cool movie!

I have another favorite scene from the movie it is when there is a prison break and Thor Has to fight the people that are getting out of prison

I say this movie gets a 90%
January 28, 2017
Thor the dark world is, To be honest I'm just gonna say the movie looks good but in terms of story it's not that good but from what I can say it's not as bad as the Incredible Hulk, so it's alright
½ January 26, 2017
Arguably better than its predecessor, this underrated installment to the MCU, is a great adventure back to Asgard, even if the villain was not the greatest. FOR ASGARD!!!
½ January 20, 2017
I say thee yay! Lots of awesome Demi-god smiting done in the Mighty Marvel way. Even Natalie Portman has something to do this time. This series' only flaw is it will probably never top the charm of Loki as its main antagonist, rendering all new villains, like Malekith, neutered. However, this may be the worst film to watch in 3D since 'Clash of the Titans'. 7/10
January 19, 2017
Thor The Dark World is more exciting and entertaining and with more surprises!
January 18, 2017
Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
January 18, 2017
Great action movie and continuation of the story
January 14, 2017
Good, if a little slow
January 10, 2017
While being slightly better than the first instalment, The Dark World still runs into some problems by having a very one-dimensional villain, too much forced humour meant to fill the runtime (like Iron Man 3) and a surprisingly short runtime for a film that has a lot of jumping around to do. The problem with having this short of a runtime is that it's hard to keep track of what's going on, some much of the plot is explained through quick dialogue scenes that it's easy to let half of it go right over your head. Lots of questions will be left in your head when you're done watching this film, and that's probably due to the fact that they had four (or more) writers in-charge (instead of just one, which would have made this a much more consistent film). Despite those gripes, this Thor film surprisingly still manages to shine with plenty of great action to offer, strong performances (from Hemsworth and Hiddleston especially), neat twists along the way and some very excellent humour scenes (despite there being a bit too much of it in the first-half, the second-half finds it's footing quite well, and there's a really funny gag during the final battle that made the whole theatre erupt). All-in-all, if you enjoyed the first Thor even just a wee bit, you'll certainly like this film, no question about that.
½ January 6, 2017
One of the worst mcu movies but still an enjoyable one
½ January 2, 2017
Thor: The Dark World is a movie that's less impressive than Thor 1 and gave me a hard time giving a grade. Once again, Tom Hiddleston as Loki is definitely the standout of this movie and the action includes some strong visuality. There's obviously some weird moments with a guy with underwater on,Malekith is very underdeveloped for a very odd movie, and although it didn't last long, I wish Loki didn't get stabbed and die. Overall, depends on what you're looking for,you might like/hate Thor 2.
½ December 30, 2016
Love it the same love the first movie
Super Reviewer
½ December 24, 2016
Notably superior to the first movie and a decent follow-up to The Avengers, this entertaining film has a consistent plot, plenty of humor, an always charismatic Chris Hemsworth and also Tom Hiddleston stealing every scene he appears in as the deceitful god Loki.
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