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July 23, 2016
With a clear improvement from the first Thor movie the dark world dosnt disappoint. With way better action and visuals the only thing it lacks is a clear story. Often viewers may get lost in the confusing story and crazy asgardian worlds and terms. I would've scored it higher though at a 73%. Better than Age of Ultron in my opinion.
July 20, 2016
I don't get why this gets so much hate! It's extremely enjoyable and really good... I love this movie!! The first was better but for different reasons! This was amazing! (Spoilers)

Plus Loki becomes king of Asgard at the end so... AWESOME!!
July 19, 2016
An improvement on the original.
July 17, 2016
Not to the standard of the original
July 17, 2016
Good movie. Though the action, visual effects and humor are solid, and the performances are strong, the story is lacking the rich element its predecessor had. While this story certainly set up the universe in a bigger way than the first, and left a lot to be answered for in the future, it still felt like another comic story going through the motions.
½ July 10, 2016
Thor: The Dark World feature the Dark Elves who are threatening the entire Universe and Thor and Loki must put their past behind them and team up in order to save their home. Certainly The Dark World has some great action and humor and brings back Loki in a different light, but the dark elves are not very good villains and overall it isn't as good as the last Thor film.
½ July 10, 2016
"Thor: The Dark World" plentifully offers exciting action, stunning visuals and delicious humour, while eschewing the occasional verbal bombast of the first film. It's a more than suitable continuation of the Thor saga.
July 10, 2016
Ok this sequel is awesome
½ July 5, 2016
With a sentiment versus the traditional spoils of war message. Asgard was impressive
July 3, 2016
I love Chris Hemsworth's Thor, and I like the character of Thor. This movie isn't terrible either, it just has lots of problems with the plot. I think it might just be me, but I believe making Thor movies is hard. I mean his is a Norse god so he's really powerful, but they also need to make him fight less powerful people and have less powerful movies because they don't want to delve to deep into Avengers movie territory. All in all I like the film, it just seems like the Avengers should have been called if the universe is about be destroyed, But it's cool let Thor do his thing.
June 30, 2016
Its not bad. But it is not a very enjoyable movie.
½ June 26, 2016
A bit hard to follow and quite dark on video. Thor isn't my favorite MCU character, but overall a satisfactory film.
½ June 26, 2016
Thor: O Mundo Sombrio tem maquiagem e efeitos visuais impressionantes,Mesmo assim,peca em atuações e roteiro,Deixando o filme parecido com uma novela mexicana.
June 26, 2016
Cant wait for this after the iron man 3 unlocks like I got some credits to live through too catch any hidden clips.
June 26, 2016
Dissapointing in ways that this is a marvel film and the first thor was truly amazing!

Grade: C-
½ June 25, 2016
Thor is back -- and it's a messy, but entertaining one. We're back to the Marvel universe & it's a somewhat entertaining ride, but a very explainable one. Expositions, facts and action might be its greatest downfall. There's not that much room for any character-depth -- it's all about the plot and the plot only. But what wouldn't we all do for a cool and action driven CGI-flick, right!? It's pretty enjoyable with all these intense things happening at once -- but it sure isn't perfect. Add rushed romance, convenient & accidental plot-events, a cliché-ish villain and minor plot holes, well it's definitely not Marvel's finest. But it's an enjoyable ride.

Personal rating: 78/100
Critical rating: 55/100
June 20, 2016
Its ok but i will give it a five star
½ June 19, 2016
This movie was not great but not bad. I guess marvel just ran out of ideas.
½ June 17, 2016
For those who don't know...
2013: Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Unnamed Movie(Possibly Black Panther)
2014: Captain America 2, Ant-Man
2015: Avengers 2, Unnamed Movie
June 14, 2016
A pretty good film but the villan is so forgetable and loki steaks the show
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