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December 16, 2005
Three Burials is just a cluster of symbols, and what they symbolize is this: a director who has seen too many European art films.
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February 2, 2006
It's a disorganized journey of redemption and a wandering study of prejudice and promises.
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December 2, 2005
An excruciatingly boring morality tale with poorly developed characters and a big spiritual finale that sputters.
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December 13, 2005
Three Burials is finally a little smug -- Jones, despite a Best Actor nod at Cannes, undergoes no Ethan Edwards corruption-of-the-soul, no ambivalence, no ordeal by rectitude.
February 3, 2006
As satire, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada isn't funny or illuminating, and as a drama it has only a few scattered moments.
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February 9, 2006
For a movie about the policing of borders, couldn't this one have maintained a firmer one, between credulity and incredulity? Between seriousness and self-seriousness?
December 16, 2005
The essentially sanctified the least developed character...Jones and Arriaga instead focus on the redemption of Estrada's white neighbors.
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December 31, 2005
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March 10, 2006
A messy drama that digs up a made-to-order villain (the racist U.S. authorities) and a dead hero (an illegal Mexican immigrant) ... Jones doubles-back on the story repeatedly, running roughshod over his characters to shovel in his political points.
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March 9, 2006
I wanted to scream at the screen, 'Just bury him and be done with it!'
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February 3, 2006
Melquiades ... is meant to function as some sort of potent symbol, but `Three Burials' is too oblique to give his presence -- buried or otherwise -- much significance.
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February 22, 2006
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada can at least rest on its laurels from Cannes.
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January 30, 2006
What, exactly, is the devil in Mr. Jones?
December 15, 2005
A smug lesson posing as a Peckinpah deathfest.
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December 17, 2005
This, despite the brutality and diversions [two of the most boring sex scenes this year], this is well worth a look.
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December 21, 2005
A literally slow-moving western that plays out as laboriously as its title.
January 26, 2006
Crash by way of Cormac McCarthy.
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February 3, 2006
Behind the hype lies a banal morality tale told in needlessly jumbled flashbacks and gorged with gruesome atrocities out of a Sam Peckinpah flick.
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February 4, 2006
New filmmakers are often told "don't mistake motion for action." This is why.
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February 10, 2006
Gives us little information about Pete and Mequiades, but plenty about the loathsome border patrol guy.
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