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May 4, 2014
Some good acting and questionable morals. Tommy Lee gives a powerfully somber performance.
October 7, 2013
Great story, brilliant acting, amazing photography - you just need to be a little patient and accept the pace, because that's all part of the experience.....
September 30, 2013
Some great acting by Tommy Lee Jones, but the pace was too slow. The shifting of the time sequence is better suited for stronger plots, and seemed to be a stretch to add an artistic flair. Some of the side-plots were unnecessary. The ending was a let down in one respect, a good change of pace in another respect, but in an emotional aspect it was sad.
September 18, 2013
An odd film but also very moving. Tommy Lee Jones does an amazing job. Very beautiful in a stark kind of way.
September 11, 2013
Fine film, great screenplay.
September 11, 2013
I love this movie! I get so excited when it's on TV.
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August 30, 2013
I don't think I really have much to say about this movie but it is a well-written and incredibly well-acted movie. It features one Tommy Lee Jones' more understated and heartfelt performances as this man who's only trying to do right by his friend after he was unjustly murdered by a border patrolman. I think what the movie does well is that, while, Barry Pepper's character is kind of an asshole, at first, what happened really was an accident, as he's clearly haunted by the fact that he killed an innocent man. The film is particularly powerful when you're constantly reminded of Melquiades through the use of flashbacks and seeing how he and Pete develop a close friendship, that adds some depth to the movie. The movie also touches on themes of prejudice, obsession, redemption and morality. So it tackles a lot of issues and it does so in an intelligent manner. I was also surprised by the amount of comedy that is in the film. It's not like it's meant to be a comedy, but the are scenes here and there that keep the movie from feeling too serious. And I thought that was a smart choice. Again, it adds a little light touch to what is an incredibly dark movie. I also thought the ending, or the climactic act of the movie, which sees Tommy's character finding out that Melquiades lied to him about where he lived and about having a family and seeing how his denial leads to him creating his own little town in order to bury Melquiades. I thought this aspect of the film also added a good deal of mystery to the character that you grew so fond of throughout the flashbacks. You're not sure what Melquiades was up to in Mexico and what made him escape to Texas, so that adds a little twist to the film's story, which is already really good. I thought this movie was great. It has some excellent acting, special mention goes to Barry Pepper who did an incredible job, and a great storytelling. I'd definitely recommend this flick, it's certainly underrated.
½ August 21, 2013
Tommy Lee Jones proves with this indie western that he's just as good behind the camera as he is in front of it. Good first film that is slightly offbeat but avoids any cliche pitfalls.
August 10, 2013
An absolutely stunning film directed by Tommy Lee Jones, starring Barry Pepper as an over-zealous border patrol officer, Julio Cedillo as the title character who is murdered by the patrol officer, and Tommy Lee Jones as the dedicated friend who seeks to bury his friend in the man's hometown in Mexico.
½ July 15, 2013
a pedantic yet visceral evolution of an individuals' personage and relationships through corporal adjudication of their behavior.
July 11, 2013
Se siente como No country for old men y se vive como un western cargado de drama real. Excelente empiezo como director de Tommy Lee Jones
July 4, 2013
My cousin Julio Cesar Cedillo plays Melquiades Estrada, so it's a little disturbing for me to watch. This movie isn't exactly my cup of tea, but it's one of his biggest roles and I've always supported him.
June 9, 2013
Muy buena historia de Guillerm Arriaga , un drama vaquero ubicado en la frontera Mexico-EU de Texas; dirigida por el mismo Tommy Lee Jones, fue su primera y lo hizo muuy bien!!!

Bastante recomendable!
May 29, 2013
A beautifully directed, acted, written, and photographed film; it is without a doubt a masterpiece. Tommy Lee Jones really impresses with his steady and emotional performance, but this film is really made by his expert directing, he directs the film as if he is a Clint Eastwood or Sergio Leone, even though this was his first attempt. It is a magical debut film, and one that ushers in a new brand of western with a powerful morality tale. And this would be exemplified by 2007's No Country For Old Men. This film is a modern classic, and I suspect it will be used as a model for years to come.
½ May 23, 2013


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May 21, 2013
tommy lee jones does it again with an excelent performance by barry pepper
May 5, 2013
I have seen it three times now. It gets better each time. Complex, blunt at times, and leaves you with a mystery. If you think about a movie after you stop watching, it is successful. The art is complete. This is a darn good film.
April 28, 2013
If you liked No Country For Old Men & Tommy Lee Jones, you should like this film. Gritty, odd ball but intriguing, it makes you pay attention because you want to know what's going to happen next,
April 9, 2013
A magnificent acting by Lee Jones and a great screenplay.
½ March 16, 2013
Wow. I see why they call them vanity projects. Mr. Jones stars/directs casts his daughter and shoots parts of the movie on his own ranch. Kudos for not making Hollywood dreck, but to torture a sniveling Border Agent because he make a horrible mistake isn't entertaining, isn't a morality play it's just wrong.
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