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Three Comrades Quotes

  • Alfons: Bring on the Pork Chops!
    Alfons: Bring on the pork chops!

  • Otto Koster: Play the limit: aim at the stars!

  • Pat Hollmann: This is a lovely time of day.
    Erich Lohkamp: It isn't day, it isn't night.
    Pat Hollmann: It's the edge of eternity. Let's stay right here, forever.

  • Erich Lohkamp: Oh, I acted like an idiot.
    Gottfried Lenz: Send flowers! They cover everything, even graves.

  • Erich Lohkamp: It's not generally known; but I sang in a choir once - and I've lived like a pig for years.

  • Pat Hollmann: Alfons' Bar is exactly the place for a girl like me.

  • Franz Breuer: Koster, when you take a curve at high speeds do you use the brake?
    Otto Koster: I just turn the wheel - and hope.
    Otto Koster: I just turn the wheel and hope.

  • Gottfried Lenz: Give a hoodlum a club and they'll run anything.

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