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September 13, 2012
Entertaining romantic comedy.
December 25, 2011
This is actually one of my fav charlie sheen & kerri green. definately worth a watch.
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July 2, 2011
A fun teen/young adult romantic comedy road movie. The cast is good, I really liked Sheen and Ruck as best friends, but I think another actress would have been better for the lead role than Green. Mainly it's entertaining, but the story is realistic and there's a good moral in the end. Overall a good movie.
June 10, 2009
alan ruck and charlie sheen together again, the first time being ferris buellers day off ..
and this time throw in another 80s heartthrob kerri green
and all together you got an instant 80s classic
not as good as the goonies or ferris beuller but decent
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