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½ February 5, 2018
Portmanteau of three unrelated thrillers, the weakest being Nonzee Nimibutr's puppet piece. The bookend shorts - Kim Ji-Woon's Memories and in particular Peter Ho-Sun Chan's Going Home - are more successful, but none of them are very frightening and they are all over-directed and (wilfully?) overcomplicated.
½ May 21, 2016
Not bad, not quite as good as the first one though. But damn, that last segment "Going Home" is such an emotional gutpunch.
March 28, 2015
"Three Extremes" is an interesting experiment in horror. Although over the years we've seen quite a few Asian fright films brought to North America, mostly in the form of remakes like "The Grudge", "The Ring" or even, *gulp* "One Missed Call" but this anthology is something new. There are some truly unique concepts here and fans of American horror films will leave thinking "why can't we get stories as frightening as these?" I thought the first two stories "Dumplings" and "Cut" were so good and so original that I feel compelled to show this film to anyone that has even a passing interest in the genre. The downside is that they show off all too clearly the flaws in the third short, "Box". I wouldn't have such a problem with the final story... if I could actually understand what the heck is going on. It's either too subtle, or badly put together by Takashi Miike because I listened to the commentary and still can't really make heads or tails of it. Ordinarily, a weak conclusion would demand this get at least a star get knocked off, but even with that final tale, there are still plenty of good moments and since you can easily watch these out of order (I'd say third, second, then first works best) or skip the last one altogether this film, which genuinely made my skin crawl more than once earns itself a perfect score. (On Dvd, February 2012)
January 28, 2015
Not anywhere close to Three...Extremes. I think in Asia this one came out first. The 3 stories were somewhat of a bore. The Korean one is the only one that I enjoyed, probably because the actress is so cute. However, the story is cliche. Didn't watch the puppet one through, got too bored. The Chinese one is creepy, but again... just strange and somewhat predictable. Go read my reviews and analysis in the forums of Three... Extreme. All 3 of the short films in there are good, 2 of them required deeper exploration, analysis.
½ August 13, 2013
Saam Gaang (Three...Extremes II) (Nonzee Nimibur et al., 2002)

Three...Extremes has become a horror classic, showcasing three directors-Takashi Miike, Fruit Chan, and Chan-wook Park-who turned in A-level work. Now here's the interesting bit: Three...Extremes is actually the sequel, Saam Gaang yi, released in 2004. This movie, Saam Gaang, is the original. The directors here haven't gained nearly as much traction in the west, and the stories to be found here aren't as... punchy, for lack of a better term. The stories collected here are slower, more cerebral; I'd almost characterize these as supernatural dramas rather than horror pieces (the supernatural drama seems to be something unique to southeast Asian filmmaking, and those I've seen have been bang-up jobs I recommend to everyone and their mothers every chance I get-which reminds me, this is another great chance to plug The Uninvited!). In other words, probably not as good a fit for the Western market. The movies' respective IMDB ratings would seem to bear this out (as I write this, Saam Gaang yi has a 7.0, Saam Gaang a 6.2). But personally, well, I like this one just the slightest bit better than its sequel.

Jee-woon Kim (I Saw the Devil) leads off with "Memories", the story of a woman (The Red Shoes' Hye-su Kim) with amnesia whose only connection to what she assumes is her life is a scrap of paper with a phone number on it...but no one ever answers. I'm not a big fan of Kim's earlier stuff-I'm the only Asian horror fan I know who's never been sold on A Tale of Two Sisters, which I found dull and predictable-and this, the weakest of the three segments, is no different. Second comes "The Wheel", from Jan Dara director Nonzee Nimibutr, a guy who's never made a horror picture in his life. (Remember, "supernatural drama".) It's a slow, satisfying meditation on reincarnation, possession, and murderous puppets. You can never really go wrong with murderous puppets. I will note for the record that I seem to be alone in my regard for this segment; every other review I've read has dismissed it out of hand, so YMMV.

And then... the brakes come off, and Peter Ho-sun Chan (Dragon) hits us with "Coming Home", the runaway favorite. Wai (Infernal Affairs' Eric Tsang) and his son move into a new apartment. When his son wanders off in search of what may or may not be a ghostly playmate, Wai goes looking for him and ends up a prisoner in the home of Yu (Fallen Angels' Leon Lai, who won a Golden Horse, Taiwan's version of an Oscar, for his performance here), a practitioner of herbal medicine who believes his deceased wife, Hai'er (Memoirs of a Geisha's Eugenia Yuan), can be resurrected with just the right formula. The verbal sparring between Wai and Yu, interestingly, put me in mind more than once of the interplay between Byung-hyun Lee and Won-hie Lim in "Cut", the story Chan-wook Park directed for Saam Gaang yi.

I'm taking a slightly different route to get to the same conclusion as most reviewers: inconsistent, but worth watching anyway. There's a lot to like about this, and if you're unfamiliar with some of the directors involved, hopefully this will give you the impetus to go seek out more of their stuff. Worth your time. *** 1/2
½ January 30, 2013
It was okay, Out all of all the stories. I found the first one to be the most original. The second one was boring and made no sense. The third one was confusing also.
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October 5, 2012
Decent but not as impactful or noteworthy as its predecessor.
½ September 10, 2012
much worse than take one. but still watchable, i dont care which came first.
July 21, 2012
Nothing Extreme about it...
July 19, 2012
I only enjoyed two of the three short films. Dumplings is very classic Chinese horror with a more subtle way of scaring the viewer. Cut was very predictable and not at all typical South Korean horror. Usually riddled with dead fetuses or ghosts South Korean horror usually does a better job balancing horror and realism. Instead Cut seemed like another lame installment of Saw. The last one Box was still hard to view but in a common Japanese incest way. Good story in the sense that it infuriates, disgusts, saddens and surprises you. Plus it touches upon the cultural taboo of incest that Japanese movies, animes, and books always seem to.
½ July 7, 2012
The only part interesting about this 3 extremes is the second story (Peter Chan Ho-Sun).
June 9, 2012
"Going Home" is pretty good, but on the whole this collection isn't as strong as the last.
½ June 1, 2012
This is an anthology film that is all over the place. Memories suffers from predictability but is still decent. The puppets story is just ok. Its the last film that really shins. Creepy then turns into gothic horror and ends with a wallop. I really enjoyed this story. So overall a mixed bag for me.
May 29, 2012
I was super pumped when I read about this, a horror trilogy, that features chan wook park and takashi miike?? Im sold! Sadly I was let down, the first one from the other director started out good, but fell apart near the end, still prolly the best overall, the 2nd, parks, is ok i guess, nowhere near as good or complex as oldboy, i left it thinking "that was it?" last and least is miikes, its all psycho dream analysis bullshit, it really annoyed me, i was so letdown by this, it definitely saddened me
May 20, 2012
Three Extremes 2 (which is actually the first group of shorts made, but released after the other set. Not sure why) is not as strong as the first part overall. It has, however, one of the best segments of any of the six of them. The first part, Memories, is probably the slowest, and most uneventful of the lot, but I still enjoyed it for the good performances and the shooting style. The second part, The Wheel, is easily the most dependant on your understanding of the country's culture to understand the film itself. Coming from Thailand, most of those that are not from Thailand will not fully get what it going on and probably find this to be the driest and most pointless of the three. On the other side of the coin, being steeped in culture makes it a fascinating watch for those interested in other cultures, just not an overly scary one. The final segment, Going Home, is easily the best of the lot. Great performances and an interesting plot with a underlying sense of unease are brought to the table in the entry from China. Overall, a weaker film than the first part, but contains the strongest segment of both films. If you're only going to see one of the Three Extremes, this shouldn't be the one, but it does make for a decent watch.
½ March 25, 2012
Best Asian horror film I've seen. The Box is imaginative and creative.
½ January 5, 2012
As much as I enjoyed the first film in this series, that's about how much I disliked this one. OKayk, that's a bit harsh, I didn't actively dislike this one to be perfectly fair, but I certainly won't be coming back to it anytime soon. It's kinda boring and aside from the final short, it never really grabbed my attention all that much.

½ November 8, 2011
Only have like nine minutes so I will say what I can and come back later.

Ok 3 extremes 2. why did I go after you? I hunted down the dvd for like ever only to find a decent film. I pick it up because 1 of the three movies is directed by the man who did I saw The devil.

I am instantly in the wrong I bought a movie for only thinking of one third of the film. Let me come out and say he part was pretty good. Having a pretty good mystery had me guessing until the end I figured it out about 5 mins before the grand reveal. I know I am slow.... The movie was heavily influenced by Requiem for a Dream. The close to face shot that are done unmistakable similar to the film above. Is that bad? No it is ok with me all it comes down to is if it is done properly and it is. sooooo yea the first one is about where I wanted. Not the best thing you will see by him but still satisfies me.

Now it is time for trouble (make that double.....yea I went there!) the second movie. This is a complete what the hell. The movie is completely laughable and can't be taken seriously.... As I read the comments from the latest reviews for the movie and one reviewer hit it the bull's eye. Talking about the foolishness of the second the review is correct this is so bad. It is the only reason why I am dropping it down to a 70. I mean it has the semi creepy idea of dulls and ect and then ruins it with cheesy effects and some unprofessional acting from all. Just is difficult to sit through man did I say I watch what I wanted to already soo why don't I turn it off.... Well I paid for it so why why not finish it. And I am happy I decided to.

Now I do not want to just stick on the second one as much. The third is hard to describe so I will do it the easiest way I can think of through I childhood memory. As you can read in my bio I am from Boston and with that info once a year during July I would go down to Cape Cod for a week with my family and the was so kool for me as a kid I was with my other family and lucky for me they were about my age and my best friend was there my cousin Kelly and we would always every since we were like 5 we would walk down the street from the cottages we would rent, to Don's One Stop (I wonder if that place is still in business) and the store had this special deal it was called the mystery bag (spooky I know). For 50 cents you pick up this strange paper bag (like the school lunch bags) and it would be filled with candy (like OMG!). For the two of us this was a big flipping deal. Our parents would give us one dollar to split between the two of us and as you know who ever is older gets to carrier the money ( she was like 20 days older not fair :( sooo yea ) When you picked out these bags you could see there a small slit of it and could see one piece of candy. So naturally you would go after what you liked. Thank God we did not share the same favorite candy. Do not hold be to it but I think she like sweetish fish and I liked heresy chocolate bars ( today it is Yonk mints love that stuff it is soooo good if you freeze them). Where I am getting at with is well when we would pick up a bag of candy we would head home and once we were back in to the cottage ( I first wrote college lol like we were 22 and still doing this but I think don's is out of business and the price would of went up since then..... soooo yea out of a job does not help) it was time to start the feast of ripping this poor brown bag to shreds and looking what kind of candy had appeared from the remains of these poor bags. Either way we were happy and because we got the candy we wanted and then their was additional prizes like other candy we could not see. Oh course this brought upon a bartering of candy soooooo yea fun......

That is what I am poorly trying to say I bought this movie and only was expecting to be happy with one film. I was happy with the first but I did not expect there to be another winner amongst the group and there was the third movie. This was my personal favorite even though I do not want to admit it because it was not director I was after. but it was great the idea must of been hard to sell to the producer but I am guessing them must be happy it came out very well and the ending is what makes it. The rest is merely creepy. The movie is bittersweet to say the least but end really depressingly with ..... I would not spoil it give me some credit. This was the most creepy of the three and it really gave me goosebumps made my hair stand up on my arms. I was so interested with the story of it I could not wait for it to unfold.

Final Verdict: a 70% out of 100% this is the highest possible I can give it due to the middle man. I mean I would want to have given this like a 90 but it is 3 extremes not 2 extremes. That was 1/3 of the movie.... so there is really not wiggle room.
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July 18, 2011
Bought but not yet watched
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