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April 15, 2019
Indeed a cruel picture. Thriller falls apart reaching the final act by going into unnecessary exploitation territory, but it still has some major bright sides. Bo Arne Vibenius well-written story finds its way under your skin through the nerve-racking happenings taking place in the movie, which some might find way over the top, not knowing those are what make the film work. The rough scenes shown are our way to understand the lead's reaction and what drives her to do what she did, and even feel for her. One may even dare to say that those are one of the most pivotal parts of the movie, but that's not all. It also has fine camerawork that makes the viewer feel more involved with the main character, some styled scenes, and a gratifying/shocking ending. In a few words, Thriller - A cruel picture is not perfect, but it is for sure an experience, one that paved the way for the genre and changed it, and will continue to do so.
June 18, 2017
The most brutal revenge movie ever made. Thriller is not your typical revenge movie, not by a long shot. The movie is about a girl who is raped at a very young age, because of this she becomes a mute for the rest of her life. One day on her way to school, she is offered a ride by a man. She accepts and then the man drugs her and forces her into postitution. If that isn't bad enough, her eye is cut out for scratching the face of her cilent.

And if that isn't bad enough she makes friends with one the other postitutes, but later on the her friend is brutally murdered. But the worse thing of all is her parents commit suicide because of the loss of losing their daughter. She loses all that she loved while being addicted to drugs and forced to have sex with men and women alike. So do you think your life is horrible? think again....

You wanna know how she gets her revenge don't you? sorry your just gonna have to see the movie for that. After watching this you'll feel a feeling like no other for the main character. What I mean is sometimes even revenge isn't enough for the pain bestowed upon someone, watch this and you'll see what I mean. And yes this movie was banned when first released but it wasn't the first banned movie in Sweden like the tagline suggests. That movie was The Broken Spring Rose 1912, just a fun fact for ya.
May 2, 2017
Unbelievable! I might be the only one around here that likes this sort of thing. The most ridiculous thing about the film is the super close up hardcore sex scenes which I've never seen in any other movie. If it wasn't for that it wouldn't be so bad.
½ March 16, 2017
This is a pretty decent little exploitation flick, and I found it worth a second look recently just to see where Tarantino cribbed the appearance of Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill from. A young girl is forced into a life of prostitution, but uses her days off (?) to train in weapons and martial arts, then fights back against her captors in a major way

Well worth a rental.
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June 27, 2016
A young mute woman who was sexually assault as a child got heroin addicted by a pimp to force her into prostitution, she plotted her revenge by learning how to drive fast cars, how to shoot and how to fight. It was outright exploitative, the slow motions were gruelling and the acting was practically non-existent. Despite all the flaws, it serves as a good cult classic which inspired many films such as Kill Bill.
April 1, 2016
Kill Bill is nothing compared to this ;)
February 23, 2016
A quiet girl, Madeleine (Christina Lindberg), is sexually assaulted during her childhood, and the trauma makes her mute. One day when she is older she accepts a ride from a man, Tony (Heinz Hopf), who makes her a heroin addict, and then becomes her pimp. To hide the fact that she was kidnapped, the Pimp writes hateful letters to the parents who become so distraught they commit suicide. At one point, she is stabbed in the eye for refusing a client. Madeleine then begins saving money to purchase a car to escape and take lessons in driving, shooting, and martial arts in order to take revenge...

"Thriller - A Cruel Picture" also known as "They Call Her One Eye", "Hooker's Revenge" and "Thriller" is a 1973 Swedish exploitation film in the "rape and revenge" genre written and directed by Bo Arne Vibenius under the name Alex Fridolinski. This is one of those films you have red about, but never gotten to see. Until now. Got hold of a copy at the local flee market and to be honset I did expect a poor mans exploitation "rape and revenge" film, but low and behold it actually does have all sorts of qualities despite being a low budget trashy film. The story is of course quite disturbing in many ways and the exploitation of the mute and sweet Madeleine is not for the weak ones. The camera work is however nicely experimental and dynamic (Love the scene when the camera is placed on top of the speeding police car, between the two blaring sirens) and I love how Vibenius use the camera as the eyes of the characters on numerous occasions. The hardcore porn footage is of course questionable, as the infamous eye-gauging scene. It´s quite clear that the lovely Christina Lindberg is not involved in the porngraphic scenes as the editing is not properly coherent. Does this however add anything to the already strong abuse of Madeleine? Not really, but at the same time I like the fact that Vibenius took this as far as possible to create an impact on the screen. The same goes for his obvious action scene inspiration from Sam Peckinpah and the slow motion ultra violence truly adds a strong layer in the film. The impact of Madeleine all clad in black with her eyepatch and a shotgun is not something you forget either. There´s stark imagery and symbolism in her path to revenge. Plus there´s a truly evil Heinz Hopf as Tony. So, "Thriller" is not always logic and the dramatic scene structure isn´t always functional. Despite the fact that this belongs to a genre that is not fully of my liking, I did enjoy this exploitation flick as much as I did with Abel Ferrara´s "Ms. 45" which obviously was inspired by "Thriller". Trivia: Bo Arne Vibenius made this film to cover up the financial failure of his first film. His intention was to create "a commercial-as-hell crap-film". The actors had a clause in their contracts to ensure that they would not reveal who the director of the film really was. Swedish censorship banned the film in April 4, 1973. Despite the tag line, this is not the first Swedish film to be banned in Sweden, that was Trädgårdsmästaren (1912).
½ September 12, 2015
A bit slow and depicts unnecessary hardcore porn, but this movie still has some noteworthy aspects to it. This is one of the most violent movies ever made. No, it's not filled with over-the-top blood or deaths, but the way the deaths are depicted in slow motion with one of the creepiest soundtracks makes this a more disturbing than average revenge movie. This is a really dark movie and I would never recommend this movie to most people, but those who enjoy these kinds of movies may find something special here.
½ March 26, 2015
This Swedish exploitation film is truly sick material.
½ August 12, 2014
Caught wind of this years ago when I was chasing Tarantinos inspirations and finally watched last night, Horrible garbage this was
June 17, 2014
Sem ser particularmente interessante como objecto isolado, "Thriller - A Cruel Picture" proporciona algum gozo nas ligações que mantém com "Ms. 45" (Ferrara), as mulheres furiosas de Tarantino e o estigma de Christina Lindberg, respectivamente. Sobre "Ms. 45" e a armada feminina de Tarantino pode-se dizer que não seriam as mesmas sem as referências de estilo oferecidas por "Thriller", que, à boa maneira europeia (sueca por acaso), mostra tudo quando chega a altura disso. Depois é impossível fugir ao facto de "Thriller" ser o filme em que o realizador liberta finalmente Christina Lindberg (ícone softcore) para que se possa vingar de toda a exploração sofrida neste e noutros filmes. E a novela dessa vingança oscila entre o divertido e o enfadonho, dificultando assim um veredicto claro sobre esta obscuridade.
May 15, 2014
A stupendously stupid and yet fascinating Swedish Movie, one of hte two sources that Tarantino cited for Kill bill. Also known as 'They call her one eye' and 'Hooker's Revenge' this exploitation oddity has a young mute girl (unable to speak after being raped as a child) kidnapped, hooked on drugs and turned to prostitution by a moustache twirling villain. She proceeds to train in martial arts and other endeavours and go on a rampage.

The movie is definitely terrible but it is a bizarre kind of terrible that you can't stop watching. The pacing is dreadfully slow and, at least in the cut that i watched (the 'limited edition uncut') it is peppered with really out of place 15-20 second clip of hardcore pornography, clearly edited in at some point after the master cut was done. The main actress is stunningly beautiful and manages to convey emotion without speaking a single word or making faces even if at some point the movie seems farcical. There is an acutely disturbing scene at one point (how the girl get her 'one eye' nickname) so if you're squeamish, beware.

Hilarious at parts, horrible at others and a bit dull overall Thriller is not really worth watching unless you really want to track down some of Tarantino's cinematic origins.
March 14, 2014
The original Snake Plisskin! This Swedish video nasty is pretty darn entertaining. Some of the cinematic and musical/sound design choices are very original and exciting. Clearly, Tarantino was a huge fan, since Kill Bill owes a thing or two to this cult classic. Our heroine is a mute, one-eyed, prostitute, heroin-addicted killer. What more do you want? The slow-mo action sequences are memorable and the hard-core porn inserts are quite shocking. All in all, this is the epitome of sleazy grindhouse entertainment. Cool, absurdly funny and highly entertaining. Just don't expect class. It's far from sophisticated. But what it lacks in sophistication, it makes up for in exploitation. That said, there is a certain feminist message here. How can you not love our mute protagonist?
March 4, 2014
an avant-garde trash served as the sole purpose of inspiration for big names like quentin tarantino. the end!
December 10, 2013
aka They Call Her One Eye. i don't recommend watching the xxx version because the hardcore porno (which, wtf, is supposed to depict rape) adds nothing, although i guess you get more of the fantastic soundtrack. rough movie in both subject matter and composition, but it's also genuinely beautiful and there's a lot of these sparse moments throughout that are oddly memorable and compelling. essential eurotrash.

i guess between this film and pinky violence stuff like Sex & Fury and Lady Snowblood you have the backbone of Kill Bill. dunno where to go with this maybe ok bye
½ November 10, 2013
One of the best revenge movies ever made in this quasi-experimental sexploitation film.
August 14, 2013
greg hyped this up way to much for me, its really boring...
July 31, 2013
In all the revenge flicks that I have seen, I honestly don't think anyone deserved their revenge more that the poor Madeleine. She really gets fucked over but as the old saying goes "Rvenge is a dish best served cold". How did the sex scenes get past the censors and some of the slow motion are terrible but that aside this is a quality revenge flick.
July 6, 2013
BANNED IN SWEDEN!!Thriller:A Cruel Picture was the beginning of the let the punishment fit the crime grindhouse explotation films of the 1970s.Swedish actress and model Christina Lindberg (a new favorite of mine)plays a girl forced into a world of prostitution and drugs,then taking revenge on all of those responsible and wronged her.Scenes of hardcore pornography and violence caused this film to be banned in it's own country.A rumor that holds over the film,that the scene where her eye is cut out,was an actual cadaver,not fake,has never been proven otherwise.The film that Quinton Tarintino called "The roughest revenge film ever made" Christina Lindberg was given the largest insurance policy to an actress at that time,since all the guns and ammunition used were real.I don't believe in the term "guilty pleasure" this is a film I'm glad to say has become a favorite.Nasty,impressive,and knows no limit to what it can do.Looking for a Swedish import with all the goods?Give it a watch..but..PREPARE YOURSELF!Not for the faint of heart!
June 18, 2013
After being kidnapped, drugged, and forced into prostitution, Frigga uses what few resources she has left to plot her revenge in THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE! Swedish director Bo Arne Vibenius creates what many consider to be the perfect Exploitation film, parading images of sex, drugs, and violence in a cavalcade of perversion. Adult film star Christina Lindberg plays Frigga, who is pushed over the edge by a group of disgusting men who use and abuse her in the most unimaginable ways possible. When first he finds that she is being "uncooperative" with the clientele, the sadistic Tony cuts out her eye as a means of persuasion. Unbeknownst to him, however, Frigga has been saving her meager earnings to hone her driving skills, weapons proficiency, and martial arts training as she prepares for an all-out assault against her aggressors. Lindberg is as beautiful as she is deadly as Frigga, a role that single-handedly transformed her from a sexy starlet in to an action icon as she dons her trenchcoat and eye-patch before heading out for revenge with a sawed-off shotgun. The raw and gritty action sequences recall Sam Peckinpah's STRAW DOGS from just two years prior, while the hardcore sex scenes are as shocking as they are graphic. One can't help but rejoice as Frigga rips in to each of her enemies after having every last shred of her humanity stripped away. An undisputed classic in Exploitation cinema.

-Carl Manes
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