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½ July 10, 2017
Many of Gilliam's films are about using imagination to escape the troubles of real life; Tideland is the strongest example of the need for that. Yet while the reality here is too grim for comfort and lacking the light relief of his other works (the only entertainment is some very black comedy) the director succeeds far better than most of his other works in putting the audience in the lead's head. And it's very refreshing for that to be a young girl who's placed not in a gender-swapped boy's adventure or a sugar-coated fairy-tale but in her own world that's sometimes sweet and gentle, other times bitter and fierce, but never weak or stupid. This isn't, however, enough reward for how the proceedings are stretched thin over two hours and are often unnecessarily uncomfortable to watch.
May 7, 2017
A totally misunderstood film.
February 13, 2017
Took me awhile to understand the girls southern mumbles but as a surreal film its superb.....never going to be mainstream.
½ January 24, 2017
this... was interesting. if anything, it made me feel really sad for the girl's sake & super mad at her parents. what a couple dead beats.
January 19, 2017
Bon film , l'univers est visuellement beau et les prestations des acteurs actrisses convaincantes a voir pour son côté barré et poétique pour les amateurs de l'absurdité et de l'étrange
½ January 10, 2017
A complete mess. Jeff Bridges is wasted. The visuals are nothing short of sleep-inducing. There's just no reason for this shlock-fest to even exist. What a waste.
December 5, 2016
Gothic, morbid and dark movie by Terry Gilliam adapting from the novel by Mitch Cullin, which one can't tell by watching it, centers on the imagination of a somewhat 13 year old girl Jeliza-Rose (Jodelle Ferland) as she's consistently talking to herself through her headless dolls during which her parents are known crack heads. Bizarre is what one can describe this film as she moves from another location identical to her old one crossing paths with a female taxidermist and her harmless demented younger brother, Dickens (Brendan fletcher). there supposed to be some correlation between Alice In Wonderland or Blanche from A Streetcar Named Desire or any other film from a Tenesse Williams play except that it doesn't use that time explaining it to viewers.
October 22, 2016
No stars. Terry Gilliam IS a genius. He's made enough brilliant films to where that notion can never be disputed. But this thing is a charmless, incomprehensible mess. The DVD opens with him imploring us to give this movie a chance. A bad sign already. If he were 100% confident in this, he wouldn't need to plead with his viewers to watch the movie they're about to see. His plea goes unheard, as the resulting film is just a test of patience that only a most devoted fan could pass. The greatest problem is Jodelle Ferland, a talented young actress from Canada, who, due to this film being shot in Canada but set in Texas, adopts an unconvincing and very irritating Texan accent. Most of the time she's talking to herself, so you end up hearing it for most of the film. I finally got sick of it and dropped out. I don't like to do that with movies, but I had reached my limit. Apparently there's some stuff in here that's very controversial, but I didn't see any of it. And I never will.
½ August 7, 2016
I still don't know whether I enjoyed this film. It look great and you can't fault the acting but I'm not sure if there was much of a storyline. There must have been as whenever I try to explain about the film to someone else it takes me an age but I'm not sure if my explanations make sense either. The film goes from sweet to downright disturbing at times and there was just enough interest for me to watch it all the way through but I'm still undecided.
½ February 7, 2016
It's Terry Gilliam so you know that it's going to be weird; it's quite dark and morbid too, not that the little girl who is the main character see's it that way. Write the major bits of this film down on paper and you'll think you are watching some sicko movie. Gilliam disguises this behind the little girl and the nice cinematography. It is a pretty small scale movie though, a limited cast and the story is far from complex. Jeff Bridges will never play a weirder role that this, I'm sure of that.
½ January 11, 2016
This movie literally insists upon itself, It is not disturbing, or edgy, or watchable.
½ January 3, 2016
Underrated masterpiece!
½ December 8, 2015
At last the worst film of Terry Gilliam.
December 4, 2015
Not for everyone, this is a unique, bizarre film. If you like offbeat films, check it out.
October 1, 2015
Loved this film. Eerie, beautiful, strange, magical. It's still one of my favorites. I guess it's not for everyone, but that's what makes it unique. A child's innocence protects her from horrors. The innocence is thin and flimsy, and so you watch in fear that it will be punctured. A very unique film.
September 20, 2015
terry Gilliam at his best, excellent acting and brilliant story. very funny and disturbing at the same time.
September 4, 2015
One of the best films
August 24, 2015
What? I have no words. It defiantly wasn't a bad movie it was well made and had some great acting. But this is one hell of a ugly film. Its gross, uncomfortable, strangely creative but at least its something different. Its the definition of a effed up movie.

Not easily recommendable as there is some questionable choices from the director. Whatever I found it as a journey into a deep creepy place.
June 3, 2015
Every frame in Terry Gilliam's Tideland is magnificent to look at, but MY GOD this movie's depressing. And ugly. And boring. The little girl, Jodelle Ferland (God bless her), is pretty terrible.
April 23, 2015
An apocalyptic chaos world seen through a little girl eyes. Jodelle Ferland is doing an amazing job, in this wicked surreal mobid tale of human wasteland. Its a abstract movie that make you wanna puke and awake your senses to the dread of the world, the things you cannot understand. Illogical as a child's thoughts.
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