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September 4, 2012
La Belle Epoque era political intrigue loosely based on historical fact. Stylish production makes this a wonderfully entertaining movie in the same vein as Arsene Lupin.
July 2, 2011
Goodish movie, which is more than one can usually say for French movies. Started very well, but lost focus, and dragged on too long.
½ December 12, 2009
mielenkiintoinen aikakausi, johon leffa sijoittuu. Loppua kohti paranee, mutta alku jotenkin mielenkiinnoton ja sekava. Paremman puutteessa siis katsottava :)
½ April 12, 2009
Très belle série. Très moyen film.
December 14, 2008
"Les Experts" en 1907.
A mon sens, une adaptation intéressante d'une série à succès, ce qui est toujours un exercice périlleux.
½ November 28, 2008
une adaptation ratée de la série: les scenaristes n'ont rien compris à l'esprit de la série!
Et si on ferme les yeux sur cela on est quand même devant un film aux décors eet aux bbeaux costumes mais d'un ennui quasi mortel ! Alors oui la mort de Bonot est quasi fidéle à la réalité mais sinon que l'histoire fait tiree par les cheveux !!
un ratage !
½ November 23, 2008
Comment c'est long/lent ce film!
July 16, 2008
J'ai trouvé ce film long a démarrer. Je crois, selon mes gouts, que les francais devraient laisser les films d' action a d' autres.
June 2, 2008
1912. This film shows the exploits of France's first motorized police brigade.

An excellent film, with a lot of action, wonderful costumes and settings, and a great international cast, from Stefano Accorsi, to Gerard Jugnot, to Diane Kruger. Everyone is truly outstanding.
Beautiful photography and perfect direction.
Some parts of the script unfortunately doesn't quite work, but otherwise the story plays out well though its ending is predictable.

Recommended viewing.
March 29, 2008
Well quite an average makin, although the story itself was twistin inside of it
½ March 17, 2008
L'intrigue est un peu compliquée à suivre mais c'est un bon film. Clovis Cornillac se défend bien dans son rôle. Les décors et les costumes sont vraiment réussis.
February 4, 2008
Bonne surprise! Bonne recuperation cinematographique d'une situation historique confuse. Un peu tire par les cheveux tout de meme mais bon... Bono, Jaures, les emprunts russes,la triple entente, ca fait beaucoup de melanges. L'image et la reconstitution est tres soignee. Les acteurs sont credibles. Diane Kruger est irresistible. Pas grand chose a voir avec la serie d'origine.
January 23, 2008
Efficace avec un reproche: moins d'humour que dans la série
January 11, 2008
Mmmmhhh... Jacques, mais Jacques!
(traduction: Mmmmhhh... Jack, oh Jack!)
January 1, 2008
Spännande, bra tempo och en intressant historia. Väl värd två timmar av ditt liv.
½ December 5, 2007
A good story written by 2 good comics books authors about a non well know part of french history, good characters who are humans whith their dark side and a good mix between action and reflexion.
Only one bad thiing the director who make an academic movie with some good ideas
October 5, 2007
French cinema is among the best in the world. And no matter what, you will always get a wellstructured piece of work from french filmmakers. This goes also for "Les Brigades du Tigre". The visuals, scenery, the action, plot and acting is of high standard. I think the problem is the characters and the storyline. It´s somewhat a bit messy and at times a bit unclear. And you never get a proper chance to feel anything for any of the characters. You just don´t care.
July 3, 2007
French movies usually get me bored, but that one is an exception! That very interesting detective story, that takes place in the France of the early twentieth century, is skillfully played by some amazing actors among whom Clovis Cornillac and Edouard Baer. A good surprise!
½ June 27, 2007
Compelling but too violent and convoluted for me. Diane Kruger is lovely!
½ December 29, 2006
Directed by Jerome Cornuau
Starring Clovic Cornillac, Diane Kruger, Edouard Baer, Olivier Gourmet, Stefano Accorsi

Seemingly inspired by De Palma?s ?The Untouchables? with set decoration by ?The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.? A combination French history lesson and too glossy police drama, ?The Tiger Brigade? is very well-made and heavily produced complete with all the elements of its genre. The cast was nicely picked, an interesting array of appealing character faces with a known actress in the middle. I was a bit surprised to learn that Kruger actually made her debut in France before coming to Hollywood and making three movies in a row. German-born, speaks French with a beauty that could launch a thousand ships. That?s why she conquered Hollywood so easily.
Best Scene: Last man?s barn stand.
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