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January 27, 2019
Til death do us part is awful and does nothing to promote domestic violence awareness that makes real sense.
I wont even go into the premise of the move as you cam find the plot elsewhere online so...
The husband goes from nice guy husband for over a year to abusive husband instantly..Now dont get me wrong i understand why the wife felt betrayed by him taking the shots to prevent pregancy. Her snapping was kinda justified. Unfortunately he unleashed a caged mad beast by doing so. But a few scenes after this part is where the movies gets totally goofy.
Her best friend realizes she is in danger...okay...that part was cool. But then she comes up with a hairbrained plan to help her fake her death to get her away from her husband. This is so poorly written i cant understand who approved the script.
She hires some dude to act like a doctor to say she was dead and the baby was dead. Heres where it gets stupid. The loving but abusive husband never really confirms that his wife is dead and goes bly what the bestfriend and fake doctor says.
To add insult to injury the abusive husband allows her bestfriend to handle all of the post death arrangments.....no funeral...just cremation. Mind you he should have recieved billls a death cerificates life insurance confirmation something...this leaves the door open to so many unanswered questions in itself. It makes the successful husband look like a complete idiot. This makes the rest of the movie make no sense at all.
The wife tries to start a new life....ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN!!! after shes faked her death and unofficially changed her name. She meets her new neighbor who starts hitting on where while shes 7 months pregnant. While thats not far fetched it does seem out of place in this move. They eventually get a bond with each other. Theres no sex involved but the wnt a relationship.
Things start to fall apart when...in my view... the dumd as rocks husband gets a call from the hospital about his wifes last paycheck...smh.
You know what....im going to end my review right there and let you watch the rest of this terribly done movie for yourself.
On a side note you should write movie to make you feel sympathy for the main character. I never felt sorry for her after the whole faking death scene because the writers should have found a more sensible way for her to leave. Insfead she makes her husband think her and the unborn baby are dead. Hell as a dad that made me feel sorry for him even though i didnt like the fact that he was abusing his wife.
...Im done.
December 18, 2018
Nice set decoration. And the movie was filmed beautifully and brightly optimistically despite the sinister "plot". But they skimped on the writing and direction. The predictable absurd storyline holds no thrills or surprises, and sparks little sympathy or empathy for any of the characters. It's difficult to hate a villain when his lighting is always so perfect, and the battered wife is seen with nary a bruise, always perfectly made up and coiffed, even after delivering a baby. Don't waste your time on this if you want to watch movie, not thumb through a glossy magazine looking at pretty pictures while waiting to see a dentist...
December 13, 2018
I thought this movie was based on the 90's rap album "Till death Do Us Part" by "Geto Boy's" .
December 5, 2018
This was such a good movie. I really, really love this movie so much. It impresses me a lot. happy to find this movie using boxxy software .
November 30, 2018
Good suspenseful movie, good acting and surprises.. i dont know why people rated it low.. honestly i would give 4 out 5 but I'll make 5 for the undeservin low reviews
½ November 4, 2018
The plot was poorly executed. You guys jumped the gun by not having Madison go to the authorities for help and getting a record of abuse. At the end of it all the way you chose to have Madison shoot him was in poor taste. It almost borders pre meditated murder. Having Alex rush through the door the way he did when nothing was happening was awful. Not only did she commit insurance fraud but she would have been in so much trouble because she can only back up her story with hear say.

The way it transitioned from nice to abusive could have used more explanation. It feels so rushed and unfinished.

The transitions were very jarring. And the reveal on how they were able to trick him into believing she was dead. It was obvious that he would find out eventually because there were so many loose ends. Who forgets a last paycheck? Especially if her friend was working there too.
½ November 3, 2018
While domestic violence is true horror, and writers and actors give it their all, the end product feels manipulative and relying too much on shock-value.
½ September 13, 2018
This movie was bad. It has a good plot, but it's just not a good movie. Everything seems rushed. There's no build up, whether it be character or story. There's random time skips and sometimes it tells you its a time skip and sometimes it doesn't. The editing was bad, the writing was bad. The whole thing was rushed and it looked like it was made in 2 months.
September 8, 2018
The similarities this film has to Sleeping with the Enemy is uncanny. In fact, it is quite suspicious. There are several scenes that were clearly inspired by the original film. First example: when Madison changes her hair and dress before going to the dinner party with Michael per his "suggestion". Second: Madison fakes her death. Third: Madison meets a new guy who later steals apples from her yard (in Sleeping with the Enemy, Laura is the one stealing the apples from Ben's yard). Oh, there's more- meh, never mind.
August 18, 2018
Highly watchable remake of Sleeping with the enemy, with some unintentionally funny scenes for the bad movie lovers out there.
½ August 17, 2018
I felt bamboozled! I've seen Sleeping with the Enemy and this whole screenplay is taken from that movie. What's different? The people are black, she works at a hospital, and she has a baby. Other than that it was so predictable. The toilet seat, the music, omg I'm not impressed. I thought I was going to get a good movie but I got something I've already seen with a new twist.
½ August 11, 2018
If you've seen Sleeping with the Enemy, this is it, with black cast. They didn't even try to make it different. Embarrassingly similar right down to faking death, speciation a new town with a cute neighbor, parent in the hospital. It was however mildly entertaining if you enjoyed the first movie. Hollywood, do your job and come up with something fresh and interesting. This was pure laziness.
½ August 5, 2018
If I could give this move -5 stars, I would! This movie is horribly written with a choppy script, that literally makes NO SENSE. Who wrote this movie?! There were several parts of the movie that left you scratching your head like "huh? What does that mean"? We only continued to watch the movie hoping we'd get explanations and some closure. We never received it. It was like a young Tyler Perry drunkenly wrote a movie after reading the cliff notes for Enough, Sleeping with the Enemy, and What's Love Got to Do With It? I'm actually embarrassed that Taye Diggs had to stoop this low. I finished the movie thinking- "did anyone watch the final cut or did they quickly hit submit like this was their final paper due at the 11th hour their senior year of college"? You know, like "am I done yet"?
July 30, 2018
I thought the movie was a nice rendition of 'Sleeping with the Enemy'. However, I am EXTREMELY analytical so, I have to point this out..!! Did anyone notice that her friend received money from the insurance company because she was the beneficiary? However, when he spoke to the hospital, there were no records of her death. So, how can you receive insurance payments if there's NO proof of death? FACTS ijs Good Movie Though
October 21, 2017
I seldom get up and leave. I did during this one!
October 17, 2017
If you've seen Sleeping With The Enemy, you'll be able to know exactly how this movie ends. ITS.EXACTLY.THE.SAME. I'm not sure how this doesn't violate copyright. Rent the original and save your $25.
½ October 16, 2017
Not as good as I hoped. Can't believe it got a better User Score than the Mountain Between Us. Could have passed on this one.
½ October 15, 2017
Not a fan of Taye Diggs and the lead actress appeared to be reading queue cards, she doesn't appear to have natural acting ability. On the other side of the main male character played a perfect villain starting off loving, caring and gentle then he totally flipped. Great supporting cast Malik and Robinlee, although the cut away or edited conclusion of his storyline was too soon. Great job overall!
October 11, 2017
Loved the suspense! Nice looking cast too.
October 8, 2017
Don't waste your money. 3rd rate film and Taye "can't act" Diggs is his typical unimpressive no depth self.
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