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Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Quotes

  • Dr. Doone Struts: May the brown foaminess flow all over you.

  • Eric: There are way to many teeth in my mooouutthhh!

  • Diamond Jim/Johnny Depp: They all know my name, but I can't say that I know theirs.

  • Tim: You have to keep those refrigerated, Taquito.
    Taquito: It's okay, I only eat the middle.

  • Allen Bishopman: The city of Swallow Valley pays me to not sell swords!

  • Tim: I'm not even walking on the set without Jim Joe. If you think I'm going to get involved in something without him being a part of it you're out of your mind.

  • Damien Weebs: TAQUITO!

  • Damien Weebs: Everybody needs a billion!

  • Tim: We wish, ya, da best.

  • Tim: Shrim. Sounds like "shrimP".
    Tim: Shrim. Sounds like 'shrimp'.
    Eric: Shrim sounds like shem.

  • Tim: If you think we're gonna make a movie without Jim Joe, you're wrong.

  • Tim: Thank you, I honer you, I honor our friendship, and I honer our love.
    Hobo: Thank you, I honor you, I honor our friendship, and I honor our love.

  • Tim: Oh! You're gonna like the fake trees!

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