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In this low-budget sci-fi adventure, inventor Nick Miller (Matthew Bruch) constructs a time-travel machine from a small airplane and a personal computer. While Nick intends to use the machine for humanitarian purposes, he is persuaded to sell it to J.K. Robertson (George Woodard), the CEO of the Gen-Corp Corporation. Robertson's nefarious use of the time machine nearly destroys reality as we know it, and Nick is forced to build another time vehicle to go back in time and stop Robertson's reckless meddling. Shot entirely in Vermont, Time Chasers was featured on the Sci-Fi Channel series Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Science Fiction & Fantasy
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George Woodard
as J.K. Robertson
Matthew Bruch
as Nick Miller
Bonnie Pritchard
as Lisa Henson
Peter Harrington
as Matthew Paul

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Audience Reviews for Time Chasers

Another crappy mid 90s flick featuring one of the lamest leading men in cinematic history (the MST3K crew ate into him like he was Donald Sterling at the Source Awards), "Time Chasers" follows Nick (picture Sponge from Salute Your Shorts meets Richard Dreyfuss), a 10-speed riding loser with hockey hair in Vermont who constructs a time machine in his Cessna plane. Planning to use the technology for humanitarian purposes, he inadvertently signs it over to an evil corporation who, as we learn from when he goes 50 years in the future, has used it for evil and created a post-Apocalyptic society. Desperate to go back and change things, he and the female lead, who he shares the most awkward make-out scene ever with, must play a cat and mouse game with the evil CEO and his goons as they travel back and forth through time to try to be the one at the helm of this cutting edge time travel technology (that fits on a floppy disk...) with the fate of the world at stake! Bad movies with time travel are always awesome, but I can't decide which is funnier, what hack visionaries from 1994 try to showcase what they think the year 2041 will look like (lots of holograms & kids wearing neon and skateboarding) or when they go back to the year 1777 to the middle of a Revolutionary War battle for no other reason other than because there was probably a reenactment going on in the park by where they were filming and they decided to write it into the script.

Larry Cenotto
Larry Cenotto

It was watchable but had very poor production value. The future... looked exactly the same as the present. The time machine... is some ordinary plane.

Tim Dickerson
Tim Dickerson

Decent plot, even though it's essentially "Back to the Future 2." But, man, they really did a poor job of showing off the "future." The MST3K episode was pretty good.

Jeff Bachman
Jeff Bachman

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